LNH20: Smash Comics! Featuring Corporation-Smasher #5: Fall of a Titan

Scott Eiler seiler at eilertech.com
Thu Mar 31 21:16:59 PDT 2022

Corporation Smasher was on patrol.  Her trainee, Dragon Corporation 
Smasher, had been sent on furlough by the Corporations.

Then a male figure (with long hair, wearing a wide-brimmed hat) burst in 
through a universal interface.  "Greetings!  I suppose you can call me 
Alt-Corporation Smasher!"

"ehh, okay, what are you here to smash?"

"I don't have to smash anything!  I'm only here to watch!"

"Watch what?"

"The Absolute Telephone Titan corp is about to die.  Its business model 
has always been to consume other companies.  This worked well for it, 
until it started consuming companies which had nothing to do with 
telephones.  It got indigestion, and vomited them out."


Alt-Corporation Smasher smirked.  "Now it feeds upon itself."

"Eww!  What happens then?"

"Probably it gets eaten.  I think by MacroSoft."

"Okaay..."  Corporation Smasher relaxed.  "That's just what corporations 

"Even on this scale?


"How shall you smash a corporation *that big*??"

"With *one blow*!"

"...Okaay!"  Alt-Corporation Smasher gave two thumbs up.  "I see this 
universe is in good hands!"

Then he of course disappeared.  But Corporation Smasher remained on her 


Author's Note...  Instant story, based upon current conditions!

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