LNH: Only A Month and a Third till the 30th Anniversary of the LNH..

Arthur Spitzer arspitzer2 at gmail.com
Sat Mar 19 14:32:24 PDT 2022

(Looks at calendar) Okay, you've got a month and third or so to finish your 30th 
Anniversary essays, stories, podcasts, documentaries, macaroni sculptures, and 
whatever else.

If any one has thoughts or pleasant memories about the past 30 years of the LNH send 
them to me and I'll make a compilation of them like I did back in 2012 for the 20th 
one.  Send them to me by April 27th (or you can just post them to RACC yourself if 
you don't make it in time).

As for possible multi-writer stories, I do have an idea for one.  It involves a guy 
making a documentary for the 30th LNH anniversary an interviewing various characters 
(and the guy will be making a very lurid the secret underbelly of the LNH type of doc 
or at least trying to)  And the comic premise will be that it's being made during a 
very, very slow week (or if exciting stuff does happen it's when the cameras are off 
or the batteries are dead) at the LNH and Net.ropolis and the LNH'rs he's 
interviewing are giving him nothing that really satisfies him and that's driving him 
slowly crazy.  For those who want to help me write this thing you could have the guy 
interview whatever characters you want.  And if no one wants to help me write I 
suppose that's a sign that it probably shouldn't be written.  I do have an ending in 
mind for it so if people do help me I promise to get it finished and posted by April 

As for any real life get togethers, I suppose there probably won't be any because of 
covid and high gas prices (and impending nuclear war?).  That being said, I'll 
probably go somewhere during the summer (maybe California... maybe Nevada).  So if 
the usual suspects (Rob and Scott or anyone else) want to meet me somewhere that 
could happen.

Arthur "Very Old.." Spitzer

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