LNH20: Smash Comics! Featuring Corporation-Smasher #5: Fall of a Titan

Scott Eiler seiler at eilertech.com
Mon Jul 25 19:00:01 PDT 2022

I'm sorry, did I violate boundary on Corporation Smasher?  I apologize. 
  But I did think LNH*20* was shared-universe.

Anyway, thanks.  And you're right about me and self-inserts and 


On 2022-07-25 18:42, Drew Nilium wrote:
> So, I should clarify, this wasn't meant as a cascade or a free add-on 
> story; it's part of a larger narrative I'm writing myself. I apologize 
> for not making this clearer. That said, this issue is pretty cool, and 
> I'm gonna read thru and comment on it; I'm just probably not going to 
> include it in my later stuff.
> On 4/1/22 12:16 AM, Scott Eiler wrote:
> <snip>
>> Then a male figure (with long hair, wearing a wide-brimmed hat) burst 
>> in through a universal interface.  "Greetings!  I suppose you can call 
>> me Alt-Corporation Smasher!"
> Ah, yr standard self-insert type. :>
>> "The Absolute Telephone Titan corp is about to die.  Its business 
>> model has always been to consume other companies.  This worked well 
>> for it, until it started consuming companies which had nothing to do 
>> with telephones.  It got indigestion, and vomited them out."
>> "So?'
>> Alt-Corporation Smasher smirked.  "Now it feeds upon itself."
> Okay, that is an extremely cool interpretation of this stuff. |>
>> "Okaay..."  Corporation Smasher relaxed.  "That's just what 
>> corporations do."
>> "Even on this scale?
>> "Absolutely."
> Yeah that sounds right.
>> Alt-Corporation Smasher gave two thumbs up.  "I see this universe is 
>> in good hands!"
>> Then he of course disappeared.  But Corporation Smasher remained on 
>> her mission.
> Drew "all titans will die someday" Nilium

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