SW10/WWW: Powernaut 1992 #15: My Eye Should Watch These Also...

Scott Eiler seiler at eilertech.com
Mon Jan 24 18:11:34 PST 2022

I advertise this maxi-series in the usual places now, except on my 
personal Facebook feed only to those friends who feel compelled to share 
their word puzzle results with me.

... Anyway, Powernaut 1992 "Romance and Death" is getting into its 
Romance gear.  But what's that in the distance, with the big shiny 
weapons?  And what happens to Romance with that coming?  I guess we'll 
find out next week - and it might not be what you think.



Bonus Section:  2005 Reprint Commentary from Wyatt Ferguson!  The Eye of 
Satan Sleeps

This strip shows Auge von Shaitan, handler of the Eye of Satan, going to 
sleep.  He released Satan's Eye to watch the world for him in the 
meantime.  Apparently the Eye went to sleep too.  It did not notice one 
of its targets, the Powernaut, envisioning his power.  If something is 
envisioned, the Eye can see it.  But it was asleep...  That's almost 
human!  I'd guess it went to sleep around the time that Our Lovers were 
hanging around playground equipment which is the height of entertainment 
for that part of the Jersey Shore.

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