LNH: Cover Gallery #63i

Jeanne Morningstar mrfantastic7 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 28 10:08:46 PST 2022

Merissa, Marvel Zombie Girl, Horrible Name Lad and Kid Occultism Kid are 
standing around as the color is slowly draining away from the world 
around them; everything is turning into greige.

On the right is Color-Error Man, standing in a greige halo of cosmic 
power, wearing the Ring of Simplicity.

Kid Occultism Kid: "We have to stop Color Error Man before he brings 


NOTES: Greige is a gray-beige shade beloved of minimalist 
interior-designer types; I'd mercifully never heard of it until just 
now. This was based on a godawful pun Drew made in chat, I'm not to 
blame this time. Well I am to blame for writing this as an actual cover, 

Jeanne "The Dark Space Princess Knight" Morningstar

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