LNH20: Cover Gallery #59i

Jeanne Morningstar mrfantastic7 at gmail.com
Sat Feb 19 15:46:57 PST 2022

[Doc Nostalgia, Pantra and Squidgirl (the teen clone version of 
Squidwoman of the Saviors of the Net) stand on the surface of the Super 
Dimension Fortress LNHQ. There, they behold a titanic cat standing on 
its hind legs, stretching out to devour a planet.]

Cat (in huge speech balloon in Impact font): I CAN HAZ PLANET?

Pantra: Come on! That meme is older than my grandma!

Doc Nostalgia: Pantra, hold on! Only you have the power to stop...



Author's Note: This was one of the many, many, *many* ideas I came up 
with for LNH20 Back In The Day that I never had a chance to use. I may 
write a proper story with this concept someday, but probably not, so 
here you go.

Obviously, this is set in the point when the LNHQ is lost in space.

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