LNH: Another LNH TItle? Really? #13: Stop Dragon My Ball Around

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Thu Feb 17 08:46:26 PST 2022

Another LNH Title? Really? #13:
"Stop Dragon My Ball Around"
by Jeanne Morningstar


"OK," said Token Girl, "what are we going to watch tonight?"

"How about Evangelion?" said Bandwagon Chick. "I hear that's really good."

"Nah, we've already watched Evangelion three times. Hmmm..."

"How about Dragon Ball Z!" said Cliche Dude.

"Y'know, that's a good thought," said Token Girl. "I'm in a mood for a 
good knock-down-drag-out fight that lasts for 20 episodes."

"Hmm," said Theory Man. "Maybe we've had our fill of transforming battle 
shonen antagonists."

"Hungry, Hungry Sabertooths! was two years ago, though," said Token 
Girl. "It's been over for a while. Well, it's going to have been over soon."

"How about we watch Dragon Ball AF?" said Halls Jordan.

"That doesn't exist," said Token Girl. "That was just a hoax the fandom 
cooked up in the late 90s."

"But Rumor Monger told me... never mind," said Halls.

"Hmm," said Theory Man. "I have a theory."

"Oh boy," said Token Girl.

"I have a theory that Dragon Ball AF exists but has antimemetic properties."

"Anti-wha-huh?" said Halls.

"Can you repeat that in English?" said Cliche Dude.

"An antimeme, or self keeping secret, is an entity or object that has 
properties that keep it from being remembered," Theory Man exposited. 
"There are actually several LNHers who have antimemetic properties, such 
as Forgotten Man, Forgotten Gal and the Intangible Legion."

"Never heard of them," said Token Girl.

"I began to be suspicious when I found a blogpost by QNTM asserting that 
Dragon Ball AF doesn't exist: https://qntm.org/dbaf ."

"Did you just pronounce the whole URL?" said Halls.

Theory Man went on without missing a beat: "QNTM, of course, was the 
author of the There Is No Antimemetics Division series for the SCP 
Foundation: https://qntm.org/scp . Can we trust a statement that 
something doesn't exist by the creator of the Antimemetics Division 
itself? And furthermore..." He took a deep breath.

"And furthermore, Dragon Ball AF may be the foundational antimemetic SCP 
itself, SCP-055!"

"Really?" said Bandwagon Chick.

"Yes! Really! SCP-055's entry says that researchers determined that it 
was not a sphere. An anime DVD is, of course, not a sphere. And why 
would someone ask that question unless it were an object that was 
somehow associated with spheres, or balls..."

Token Girl and Halls Jordan chortled.

"Why are you laughing? What's so funny about balls?"

They said nothing.

"Well at any rate... If DBAF exists, this means it is likely a threat to 
existence and reality as we know it, which means it would probably be a 
good idea not to watch it."

"Yeah, probably," said Halls.

"OK, Dragon Ball Z it is," said Token Girl. She fished around in her 
enormous collection of anime DVDs and pulled out... one that said 
"Dragon Ball AF."

"Huh, I don't remember having that one..."


Author's Note: Seriously, go read There Is No Antimemetics Division, 
it's good.

Theory Man: wReam
Bandwagon Chick: Sue Clark
Token Girl: Tara LJC O'Shea
Halls Jordan and Cliche Dude: Jef "the KaTe Fan" Kolodziej
Rumor Monger: Drizzt
Forgotten Man: Amabel Holland and Arthur Spitzer
Forgotten Gal: Jeanne Morningstar
Intangible Legion: David R. Henry (seriously go read Pliable Lad Annual 
#1 too if you haven't already)

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