LNH: Classic LNH Adventures #233: Holiday Miracle Pet Week and Devil Legion #1

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On 2022-02-13 13:15, Arthur Spitzer wrote:

> November 1917:  On a dark and stormy night, the Flying Ace reports to
> Allied headquarters!
> General:  "We have an important mission for you, Flying Ace.  The
> Germans are sending a naval zeppelin to reinforce their East African
> forces.  The airship is flying over Central Powers territory all the way
> to Arabia.  Your only chance to fight them over friendly ground will be
> in Tanganyika itself.  So, prepare to go to Africa!"
> Flying Ace:  (salutes, and leaves)
> General:  "Truly the Flying Ace has few words and much action."
> So the Flying Ace has flown his Sopwith Camel from France to Italy,
> Libia, the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan, Kenia, and finally the English bases in
> the conquered part of Tanganyika.  Now, to strike the enemy!
> But wait...  a python and a fierce leopard are snarling at him!  What is
> the Flying Ace to do?
> The leopard yells,  "Arriba!"  A mariachi band plays in the distance.
> ... Huh?

Oh my, I have *entirely* forgotten this story!  Indeed I just now 
re-read it, and I am still not sure how it ends!

But at least the Devil Dog and I are part of LNH history now!  8{D>

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