SW10: Superhuman World 2021 Annual: Sixty

Scott Eiler seiler at eilertech.com
Tue Dec 13 19:37:51 PST 2022

SW10:  Superhuman World 2021 Annual:  Sixty


In 2020 we were about to die from Global Cooling.  We've put off the 
Fate of the Earth for a bit, due to a global merge with an Earth which 
was slightly better off than ours.  (It had to do with "Britannia 
But the ice is closing back in.  We might decide stuff this year, in 
2021.  If not then, soon.

And this year I, Wyatt Ferguson, will be sixty years old.


My sixtieth birthday is coming up.  I was supposed to retire by now. 
But the warehouse I work at, still needs everyone who can show up.  And 
my old tech job wants to bring me back.  The last big phone company 
needs *anyone* who isn't overseas, because we're practically cut off 
from people who have the plague.  They can keep up the overseas 
connection for about two hours a day.  But now the Big Company is making 
a priority of what I ingest.  Really, the world is ending and we still 
care about old Gov marijuana rules?  But I owe it to my friends to stay 
as long as I can.

Psychovant the Duck came by recently.  He was looking for a multiversal 
adventurer.  I referred him to Imperilus, who wound up here in the 
warehouse also.  He left.  I'm staying.

For my birthday I might be able to gather with my clan, at least 
cybernetically, from around the Yellowstone Crater where the surviving 
population of the United States has settled.  But I haven't made it a 
priority, and they're all busy.  More power to us.

But as comic books sometimes say...  I am Wyatt Ferguson.  And I will 
not stop.  Not so long as it matters.


 From beyond, a being who now calls himself "L" looks on.  He says, 
"This one has cosmic scope and if not enthusiasm, at least some sense of 
duty!  I Must Have It!"

Then he looks closer.  "I sense duty toward his relatives!  *Those* 
shall I pursue!"

(to be continued - probably in the annual next year!)


Author's Note:  The author is already sixty years old, as of May 2021. 
My avatar has his birthday in June 2021, though.

I recently read a John Constantine story entitled "Forty", about growing 
old on his birthday.  Waah waah.  It makes me want to write my own 
story.  Only I have to title mine "Sixty".

And Drew Perron, I forget who "L" is.  I last saw him trying to suck the 
enthusiasm from the Devil Missionaries from Planet Hell.  Perhaps Wyatt 
Ferguson is an easier target.  Or there are easier targets beyond that. 
And I have my own idea on who "L" is, in universe for me.

(signed) Scott Eiler, 30 May 2021.

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