RACCCafe: The 30th Anniversary of the LNH Bash!

Scott Eiler seiler at eilertech.com
Thu Apr 28 21:12:35 PDT 2022

On 2022-04-28 20:53, Arthur Spitzer wrote:

> "I've got an idea, folks!" said another mysterious stranger with an idea.  Let's call
> this person uhhh -- Mysterious Stranger Person With At Least One Idea Guy.  Yeah -- I
> rock at this naming characters stuff!  "How about if everyone starts, like, giving,
> like, feedback!?  Feedback to everyone else's stories?!  And that will start a HUGE
> chain reaction that causes more people to write stories -- which will cause even more
> feedback!  And all these stories and feedback will save the LNH from dying!  And it
> will live FOREVER!!"
> "Uhuh... feedback, yeah..." Arthur Spitzer said very awkwardly taking a quick glance
> at the RACCCafe exit sign.  "That's an idea.  Umm.  I mean -- sure... I'd like to
> give umm feedback.  But... ummm... you know.  Heh.  Got all these -- you know --
> smutty webcomics I need to draw and... And you know -- when you think about it... 30
> years -- is a very long time.  A Very, Very Long Time.  I mean does any superhero
> shared universe really need to live to -- say 31 years?  I mean really?  Isn't that
> asking a bit too much?  I mean... oh, look at the time," said Arthur staring at a non
> existent watch that was clearly not on his wrist as he started to back himself slowly
> towards the exit.

Then another stranger entered.  He resembled some barely-adult clueless 
lad from Appalachia.

"Hey!  How'd I get here from that mine?"

Mysterious Stranger Person With At Least One Idea Guy responded, "You 
got summoned 'cause you need to be here!"

"Hmm, do I believe that?"

(to be continued)

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