SW10/WWW: Powernaut 1992 #21: Die Already!

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This series may be "Romance and Death", but something's refusing to die! 
  Powernaut 1992 Part 2 continues.



Bonus Section:  2005 Reprint Commentary from Wyatt Ferguson!  Swordhand

This guy has earned some separate mention.  He was a member of the 
villain minion Counter-Ellipsis Force, and then the U.S. Gov's minion 
force Counter-Conversion.  In that latter force, after Ellipsis fled the 
United States, they were the Gov's most reliable source of national 
defenders.  So when the Mad Axeman from Venus attacked, they became heroes.

His team included at that time Rad-Man and Rolling Thunder.  Those 
others had energy powers.  But against an axe-wielding super-being from 
Venus, that didn't help.  Only Swordhand had the weapons to stand up to 
that being for any time.

Swordhand seemed to survive this encounter, but has withdrawn from the 
public eye.  The fates of the rest of Counter-Conversion are uncertain. 
I've heard rumors that Rolling Thunder survived, 'cause energy powers 
which largely consisted her body.  Or something.  Rad-Man, not so much.

During this encounter, the Powernaut actually turned his back on his 
enemy, to check on his ally!  The Mad Axeman from Venus was so 
interested and alien, he checked also!

Then that peaceful Powernaut actually made his own weapons and took them 
up against his enemy!  Probably he was too busy to find out if firemen 
had evacuated *everyone* from the battle region.  So he still defended 
everyone.  The Mad Axeman from Venus reacted as expected.

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