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On 2021-09-20 16:34, Dave Van Domelen wrote:

>       "You watched cartoons as a kid, right?  Remember the one where the kids
> went on the amusement park ride and ended up as fantasy characters led around
> by the nose a little Dungeonmaster guy?  That's an isekai.  But instead of
> getting a bunch of imaginative misfit kids, the wizard got a damned faculty
> luncheon.  And, if the tropes are being followed otherwise, I'm betting we
> can't go back until we've Saved The World, am I right, capy-sensei?" she
> gestured in the wizard's direction.
>       "My name is Cornelius, not Cappisensay, but you have the essence of it.
> I cannot breach the barriers between worlds again until the Darkness has been
> purged, and I am afraid that I may have doomed us all through my flawed
> assumptions...."
>       "Looks like the game has changed," Coach Johanssen muttered.  "Time to
> step up."

Actually, what grabs me about the situation is, aren't the teachers 
supposed to be sitting at *different* tables?  That's the way I'd try to 
set up the faculty lunch.  But admittedly there's no reason the faculty 
should put up with that rule.

> ============================================================================
> Author's Notes:
>       Inspired by a Tumblr post about "What if instead of getting a bunch of
> high school students, the isekai grabbed a bunch of high school teachers
> instead?"  I decided to flesh out the How They Got There part, since the
> original post did a good job of exploring the sorts of things that might
> happen once they settled in on the job.

Ah, I thought the concept looked familiar.  Though I thought it was 
another adventure from Magical Girl School at first.

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