HLN: Crisis Legion NetCascader: Episode 2

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SHISHADOW: But all Netheroes will die - unless we can Revolutionize the worlds!


JUN: That's really really *really* bad!

SHISHADOW: Yeah, I know!

JUN: How can I help-- OOH do I get to transform!?

[A burst of white noise! Jun and ShiShadow turn to look at the television, which
is displaying shuddering, glitchy static. Out of the screen steps a figure that
looks like an exaggerated version of Elegant Gothic Lolita, all black lace and
frills, with delicate pale hands that taper into long claws, and wearing a
porcelain mask with a cocky grin molded onto it; over the mask is a pair of
sunglasses that are shaped like the letter M.]

NEW FIGURE: So, you've found the Daitessen! Nice job - but not nearly not nice
enough to stop--

[She poses, claws up in the air!]

NEW FIGURE: Lieutenant M, the most powerful servant of Queen Lunacross!

                    [Heinous Power of Eighth-Grader Syndrome]
                                     中尉 M
                                  [LIEUTENANT M]

SHISHADOW: Not only can you transform - you must!

[ShiShadow leaps into combat with Lieutenant M, and the two of them trade
martial arts moves that seem way too grandiose to pull off in the relatively
small room. In the midst of a spinning kick, he throws a golden bracer thru the
air, and Jun runs and leaps and catches it!]

JUN: I know how this part goes!

[Jun puts on the bracer, raising it in the air and shouting--]


[...and absolutely nothing happens.]

JUN: ...TRANSFORM! T-- transform!?

[Jun hits the bracer with the side of his fist, then looks up to ShiShadow with
wide eyes]

SHISHADOW: [shocked and confused] ...I don't understand... [desperate] Run! Go!

[Lieutenant M strikes ShiShadow across the chest, sparks exploding from his

SHISHADOW: --aagh!

[ShiShadow spins, falling to the ground!]


[In the middle of his fall, ShiShadow's body freezes - as does Lieutenant M, as
does, everything else but Jun, the light turning kind of blue.]

JUN: ...did I do that!?

[Jun turns and looks up as two women walk in, unaffected by the freeze. Both
are older, one strong and tall, the other stout and soft. They look down with
soft, knowing smiles, and Jun blinks in surprise.]

JUN: ...Mom? Mama?

[Zoom in on the women's faces as a dramatic musical sting plays!]


Showrunner's Note: Lieutenant M is based on Merissa, created by Saxon Brenton
and Rob Rogers.

Drew "where is this going? we'll find out together" Nilium

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