HLN: Crisis Legion NetCascader: Episode 1

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Sat Sep 11 20:09:07 PDT 2021

[A twelve-year-old sits in front of a TV set, holding a gaily colored action
figure and bouncing up and down, looking at a little alarm clock with an
equally colorful figure on it.

TWELVE-YEAR-OLD: Twenty-three seconds! Twenty-two seconds! Twen--

[Suddenly, the screen goes black. The child leans forward, squinting...]

TV: [spookily moaning] Juuuuun...
JUN: omg the tv knows my name
TV: [spook] Help us... help... Henshin Legion NetHero...
JUN: OMG that's the show I was waiting for!

[Jun hops up and strikes a pose, arms crossed in an X.]

JUN: Henshin Legion...

[Jun cocks one arm back and throws the other in the air, looking off into the

JUN: Nethero!
TV: yeah i know... will you help us...? the retcon minute is almost over...
JUN: [gasps!] Of course! What do I do?
TV: draw the rune...
JUN: The Rune!?
TV: the symbol of the netheroes...
JUN: Oh oh hang on!

[Jun grabs a notebook and a pen and draws, first a diamond, then the letter N
inside the diamond, then with a flourish a horizontal line across it!]

JUN: [holds up the paper] Here you go! ...huh?

[Jun squeaks and drops the paper as it bursts into purple flame, clouds of pink
smoke rising from it. From out of the smoke steps a figure in dark green armor,
with a golden faceplate set in a serious demeanor, and a swirling black cape.
On his right arm he wears a complex golden bracer, with an emerald towards the
front and a hexagonal stone set into it.]

FIGURE: [bows] Greetings. I am ShiShadow, of the Dying Legion FinalHero.

JUN: [confused] Dying... [alarmed] FinalHero?

SHISHADOW: I was summoned by the love in your heart - the love for Netheroes!
But all Netheroes will die - unless we can Revolutionize the worlds!

[Zoom in on Jun's wide-eyed face as a dramatic musical sting plays!]


Showrunner's Note: "HLN" stands, of course, for Henshin Legion Nethero.

Also, there's going to be a lot of random Japanese in this, and hopefully it's
going to be mmmmmostly accurate. X3;

ShiShadow is based on Foreshadowing Lad, created by Arthur Spitzer.

Drew "I gotta give credits more" Nilium

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