LNH: Doctor Stomper's Guide to the Deep Omnilooniverse: 2021 Update

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== Introduction ==

Last year, we made a series of new explorations into the larger structure that 
links our Looniverse with many others, focused on the newly-discovered Deep 
Omnilooniverse. However, this was hampered both by problems of the usual 
net.hero variety and by the need to focus on biomedical work pertaining to the 
containment and cure of the sabertooth virus.

However, since the end of the sabertooth pandemic, there has been time to 
remotely explore the Omnilooniverse, and time to consult with inter-Looniversal 
travelers, such as Captain LNH, Defender of the Deep Omnilooniverse. There is 
much data to go through, and this update is scarcely more than a sampling of our 
notes, but we hope it will nonetheless provide useful to both researchers and 

== Looniversal Natures ==

In our previous guide, we explained that "normal" universes aligned well to the 
net.hero genre tended to be Alpha Looniverses, while "weird" universes tended to 
migrate to the Deep Omnilooniverse. Obviously, these terms are imprecise, and as 
we collected additional data, we were able to further quantify what the 
differences are.

While a layperson might assume that universes where the LNH are villains instead 
of heroes would be the antithesis of the "normal" net.hero genre, the truth is 
more complex. Universes with directly inverted hero-villain morality, such as 
the Mirror Looniverse that Particle Man discovered and the Reverseworld that 
Decibel Dude and Vigilante Guy traveled to, tend to be Alpha Looniverses. 
(Looniverse-E, the reconstructed version of the Evilverse that Cannon Fodder 
destroyed, is also an Alpha Looniverse.) Presumably, this is because they still 
follow the straightforward hero-villain duality of the genre.

However, worlds whose moral status is more narratively complex and harder to map 
to one-to-one good-as-evil are often part of the Deep Omnilooniverse. The world 
that FAQ Boy comes from, once ruled by the tyrannical Roster King, has been 
integrated into the Deep Omnilooniverse as Looniverse-Ronove; similarly, the 
world where Kid Enthusiastic leads the System Corrupters and the LNH is run by 
an amoral businessman seems to have become Looniverse-Yaldabaoth, tho that world 
is currently going its own reconfiguration.

Bubble universes created off a Looniverse move alongside it unless forced off by 
highly energetic narrative events. (Known bubble universes of Looniverse-A 
include the Freonverse and the Lost City.) Parasitic realities may 
opportunistically move between worlds, but do not tend to move between the Alpha 
Looniverses and the Deep Omnilooniverse - again, unless forced to. (Parasitic 
realities attached to Looniverse-A include the Antimatter Universe of Thhhppp.)

The more travelers have historically moved between one Looniverse and another, 
the more likely these universes are to stay in the same Looniversal structure. 
There are exceptions, however; Looniverse-Orobas, the Oddball Looniverse, became 
part of the Deep Omnilooniverse despite repeated and extended incursions of 
Oddball LNHers into Looniverse-A. This may be a side-effect of its initial 
creation as a quasi-real hallucination, or simply because it is very "weird".

== Beyond Duality ==

In studying the interaction of the Alpha Looniverses and the Deep 
Omnilooniverse, one possibility has turned into a near-certainty - these are not 
the only two multi-Looniversal structures within the greater Omnilooniverse. 
There are no discovered or even suggested laws that would prevent more 
structures from forming, and there are a number of anomalies for which the 
existence of unobserved multiLooniverses is the best explanation. It is 
extremely likely that there are entire "types" of Looniverse that neither 
Looniverse-A nor any Looniversal traveler on record has ever intersected with. 
We can only speculate what they may be like...

== Appendix A: Known Looniverses ==

The current list of known Alpha Looniverses:

* Our Looniverse, also known as Looniverse-A
* Looniverse-A2, the world the New Misfits came from
* Looniverse-AD, the world Fearless Leader comes from
* Looniverse-B, the world of the League of Heroes (now rebooted without them)
* Looniverse-D, a world that resolves continuity conflicts
* Looniverse-E, a "baby" universe created from the former Evilverse
* Looniverse-M, also known as the Muxtyverse, homeworld of the All-New LNH
* Looniverse-RM, a reality created when Pliable Lad was erased from existence, 
leading to Doctor Armageddon killing most of the LNH and blowing up the planet
* Looniverse-RM2, a similar but not directly connected reality where the 
divergence point was the absence of Malingerer Lad; home of Electra
* Looniverse-X, a world where a small LNH came together recently
* Looniverse-20, the world where the LNH came together in 2007 after the fall of 
the Killfile
* Looniverse-69, the homeworld of Non-Judgmental Agnostic
* Looniverse-3000, the homeworld of the LNH3k
* Looniverse-012313, the homeworld of the Legion of Young.Heroes
* Amalgama, world of periodic-elemental magic and homeworld of the Crimson @venger
  * Amalgama-X, alternate future of Amalgama and homeworld of the Shining 
Tungsten Magister
   * Looniverse-Avocado, alt-future of Looniverse-A linked to Amalgama-X
* Aotearoa, an alternate version of Net.Zealand with purple kiwis and fantastic 
* The Booniverse, also known as Earth-Boon, a world where various intelligent 
primates are the dominant culture, homeworld of Gorilla Grad
* Domi.net.ria, the world of the Gathering of Net.Legends
* Earth-308, the world of the Old School and the New Young Teens
* Earth-Repaint, a world where everyone is a visual variation of a net.hero from 
* Earth-September, home of the Newbie Syndicate and a heroic Killfile
* The Gooniverse, also known as Earth-Goon, a world where the Society of 
Wireless Heroes became the only net.hero team in the world up to the modern era
* The Mirror Looniverse, where an evil LNH rules the world with the might of the 
Kirbian Police under the Ultimate Emperor
* Reverseworld, where an evil Ultimate Ninja took over the LNH and turned it 
into the Legion of Net.Villains, whose greatest hero is Captain Oblivion
* The Silver City, world of giant robots, including the heroic team known as the 
Solar Sails
* Tellus Digita, the world of Chi-Gamma, the Second Empire, and powerful 
symbiotic spirits known as eudaimon
* The Tooniverse, a world of anthropomorphic animas, home to Atomic Rabbit
* Valhal, a land of light and strange physics home to Good-Timing Girl
* The XXX Looniverse, a world I'm not going to describe

The current list of known worlds in the Deep Omnilooniverse:

* Looniverse-Amdusias, a world where the Age of Heroes ended long ago, and the 
Age of Horror is here
* Looniverse-Astaroth, once known as alt.comics.lnh, the gateway between the 
Alpha Looniverses and the Deep Omnilooniverse
* Looniverse-Bael, the alt-future origin of the Legacy of Newfangled Hierophants
* Looniverse-Dantalion, a world where the Omaha Project succeeded, opening the 
Vor.text and splitting Net.ropolis into four cities
* Looniverse-Haagenti, also known as Looniverse-AA, a world of magic and 
knights, home to Lord Vincent of Stomper
* Looniverse-Ipos, also known as Earth-Irritation, chaotic homeworld of 
Lean-Apples Lad
* Looniverse-Ronove, also known as the Rosterverse, homeworld of FAQ Boy and 
former home of the Roster King's villainous LNH
* Looniverse-Mammon, world formerly home to the National Legion of Heroes, also 
referred to as the "Golden LNH-Men"
* Looniverse-Murmur, homeworld of the MicroMACs.
* Looniverse-Orobas, the Oddballverse, home to the Oddball Legion.
* Looniverse-Valax, a world where Dr. Killfile took over and the detonation of 
all nuclear weapons in their silos killed millions
* Looniverse-Yaldabaoth, also known as Planet T-Bone, where Kid Enthusiastic 
leads the System Corrupters and the LNH is run by an amoral businessman - sorry, 
checking on it, the LNH is now run by the actual, literal devil
  * Note: This timeline is currently undergoing narratively energetic events, 
and may end up in a different position in the not-too-distant future.


Author's Note: Okay, a big part of this was just making an excuse to update the 
wiki. X3

Looniverse-AD was named after "Alternate Darkness", the storyline that showed 
that world before it was destroyed by Flipseid. (Which was itself named after 
the Kinda Big Darkness Saga, Dave's original Flipseid story, which in turn was a 
parody of the Great Darkness Saga, the well-known "Darkseid vs. the Legion of 
Super-Heroes" story from 1982.) It helps that it also helps establish it as a 
close alternate of Looniverse-A.

Mammon isn't a Goetic demon, but it fit the "golden" theme so well!

Drew "hope I didn't get any of the nerdy details wrong" Nilium

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