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Fri Oct 29 10:50:29 PDT 2021

On Thursday, October 28, 2021 at 6:25:59 PM UTC-7, powern... at wrote:
> On 2021-10-26 18:06, Arthur Spitzer wrote: 
> > What?! You think you can handle this story?! Really? You seriously 
> > think that you can handle this story. Well, then go ahead -- fine -- 
> > read it. But don't say that I didn't try to warn you especially 
> > after you try to claw your eyeballs out to get all of these sick, 
> > sick, disgusting words that you're about to read out of your forever 
> > tainted and corrupted brain that can never be pure ever again!!! 
> > DON'T SAY I DIDN'T WARN YOU!!!!! DON'T SAY IT!!!!!! DON'T!!!!!! 
> > 
> > Hmm. Am I perhaps being a tad overly dramatic? Maybe this story 
> > isn't as depraved and vile and completely shitting your pants god 
> > awful horrifying as I'm making out to be. Perhaps. Perhaps I am 
> > slightly overreacting here. Maybe you'll read this story and say to 
> > yourself -- that wasn't just a big deal. Why all the fuss? Perhaps. 
> > Perhaps you've already gazed into the abyss and had a jolly good old 
> > time with that. Perhaps.> (But then again... > 
> > 
> Heh. The story makes *me* think of a couple of hotels I've stayed in, 
> where the whole neighborhood was kind of sketchy and the basement rooms 
> were *preferable*. And about three miles from where I live, one can 
> find a hotel which made the local news. If you stay *there* and you 
> look affluent, the front desk staff might cooperate with the other 
> guests to rob you... That one was too sketchy even for me. 

Did a google search to see if there were any deep underground hotels
and it turns there is one in a home state.  The Grand Canyon Caverns Suite
in Peach Springs, AZ has a room located 220 feet below ground.

> ... ahem. I suppose I understand all the fuss, though. And I enjoyed 
> the story. 

Arthur "Thanks!" Spitzer

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