DIVA: The Curator's Spotlight #3

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Slowly but surely I'm cracking open the formerly closed environment of Devworld 
and stuffing more stories inside.  Feel free to reply with questions, if you 
like!  It's a wonderful place, full of Things and Stuff that still have yet to 
be properly defined; Schroedinger's MMO, perhaps.


The Curator's Spotlight: A DiVerse Alpha Chronicle
by Felix

03: Second Chances



"My experience is not universal and I'm no authority on the matter, but if my 
words help you come to terms with whatever you're going through, then my time 
was well spent.

May you find peace in your Heart and Mind and Metal."

- Luther Irrelevant (Grad.)



Some players come to Devworld by choice.  They get invited, or chosen, and they 
Dive - knowing that they can go back to their old life whenever they want - and 
that tempers their experience here.

Some don't.  Some of them are like me.

Before I was L.I., conqueror of a thousand battlefields, tactician, strategist, 
explorer - before any accolades or legends or anything earned under the deep 
violet skies - I was nothing but a sickly child, destined to die on a care-bed 
in some nameless hospital, in some nameless city, on some nameless planet.  The 
names don't matter; you could replace them with anything.

What matters is that I never had a future to speak of.  And when on one fateful 
night I was offered an escape from it, there was no way but forward.  I never 
even considered going back to my old life after my first Dive; as far as I was 
concerned, there was no 'old' life to go back /to/.  There was only now; only 

I don't know what happened to my old body and I don't particularly care.  I 
doubt it survived long without my vital essence sustaining it, which it did 
mostly out of bitterness toward the world.  What matters now is that I have a 
future... and a /present/.  From the very first moment I could do things my old 
body never could; things I suspect are unimaginable for those outside Devworld.  
Such are the wonders I've seen.

And anyone who comes here with nothing, as I did so long ago, has the world 
opened up for them in just such a way.

I wonder sometimes, in my idle moments, what it seems like on the outside.  
People that were terminally ill, simply... falling silent.  No soul, no Heart 
and Mind, since those are here now.  I wonder if people blame 'the game'.  I 
wonder if they even know, if they can make the connection.  I've never talked to 
anyone who knew the useless me from back then; there was no one there to connect 
with, so I never had friends to speak of.

But like everything else about my too-short old life - it doesn't matter at all, 
save that it happened and brought me here.  I was given a second chance - not 
just at life, but at /existence/ itself.

Devworld doesn't care what you look like, how old or young you are, what's wrong 
with your body (or right with it).  All that matters is whether you want to be 
here, and to take the second chance you've been given and make something of it.  
There's something special about that.

(In fact, I suspect #####


##### so that's mostly theoretical.)

The point of all this is: if you are here out of necessity, as a last resort; if 
you're untethered, whether you knew it coming in or your link to the outside 
world was cut without warning - don't look at it as if you're trapped here.  
There is so much to do, so much to see, to /be/, to /learn/; there are secrets 
even I haven't uncovered yet, I'm sure of it.  There's so few boundaries to keep 
you from whatever it is you want to do.  (They exist, but they're rare, far more 
so than in 'the real world'.)

Second chances are a treasure beyond imagining.  Make the most of yours, because 
you were given one when you came here, whether you see it now or not.


(Akasha, Head Librarian)

A lovely and stirring piece, really; but even if you're a much-storied legendary 
hero, I can't have you spoiling the surprise, now can I?  Not even 

(Logia, associate librarian)

"Heart and Mind and Metal" is the official tagline for the commercial product 
version of Devworld.  It also refers to the three components that classically 
define a 'sentient being', Intellect, Emotion, and Form.  "Metal" is 
occasionally used in quotes to indicate the nebulous nature of reality within 
Devworld - but only by players, never in any sales products.

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