DIVA: The Curator's Spotlight #2

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<me> what would you like to hear about, or learn about
<Drew> My first thought is "how do people get to Devworld in the first place". 
Like... what's it like to start? Do you get invited, or...
<me> oh yes yes
<me> I haven't really covered that

Well, I didn't cover it, technically.  But the obvious connection is here, and 
there will eventually be a story (or expositional) that properly covers it, for 
Drew and anyone else who is curious!  Eventually.  Not yet.

The clock of misery continues ticking down to the deadline of freedom.  Barring 
a catastrophe, 502 days remain.


The Curator's Spotlight: A DiVerse Alpha Chronicle
by Felix

02: The First Dive



"If you're reading this, I hope it provides you with some small measure of the 
solace I never had when I first arrived here.  If I'm still around, please don't 
message me - this is all I can offer you."

- Lexicon (Grad.)



Everyone's initial Dive is different.

There are some similarities, maybe, and some general categorizations, but 
everyone enters this world in a way unique to them.  Don't forget that.  There's 
something that's different about you, even if you outwardly look like anyone 
else using the same configuration (especially in the starter areas where no one 
has advanced skills).

At the same time, everyone is connected.  No one is alone here.  Don't forget 
that either.

This place - Devworld, it's called, though if you're in the Library you've 
probably figured it out by now - is something like a game.  It feels like a game.  
It's not exactly a game, though; there is a depth to it that extends beyond 
casual entertainment.  There are also consequences for 'dying' - not death, 
you're effectively immortal here, but there are other things besides flesh and 
blood that can perish.

It's a lot to take in, I know.  You may be nervous, you may be lost, you may be 
terrified.  You're not alone in feeling any of this; others have come before, 
and others will follow.  Those who have come before can be your guides and 
mentors, and in time, you can do the same for those who follow.  Everyone is 
connected (remember?) and the more you actively forge those connections, the 
better off you'll be; the better off everyone will be.

But that can wait.  Focus on yourself, for starters.

If you can log out, feel free to do so if things are overwhelming.  If you can't 
log out, there are places to rest, and others who can help you decompress and 
process; take advantage of the services they offer.  The caretakers want to help 
you, and if you're in that situation ('untethered' in the HUD) then you need it, 
whether you realize it or not.

When you feel ready to explore the world, go ahead.  Arm yourself with knowledge 
all you like, but experience is ultimately the best (albeit the most painful) 
teacher.  If you want to go blindly into the unknown, that's your choice; no one 
can stop you from taking a path you want to take.  Complete agency is one of the 
beautiful aspects of Devworld.

If you've already explored and adventured far enough to hit rank 3, then you can 
probably stop reading here.  Otherwise, a few key points for getting through 
your first Dive:

The HUD can be confusing on occasion, but (at least since I've been around) you 
can get contextual help by visualizing the ? symbol at any time.  The legacy 
'New Player Help' channel still exists in the comms database, but it rarely gets 
used for its intended purpose.

Some actions or skills are limited in residential areas.  You can tell the area 
type you're currently in by looking at the triangle indicator, default in the 
upper left of your HUD.  Like the rest of the items, you can move it anywhere 
you like.  In unlimited areas you will also see aggression and threat in the 
form of colored and specifically shaped auras around entities or objects.  (The 
differences in auras is complicated, so I won't get into it; look up 
"Auravision" by MMystik if you're that interested.)

Configuring the HUD is a topic in itself.  There's a lot of files in the Library 
that cover optimization for various circumstances, both practical setups and 
more theoretical stuff.  It's all still a matter of taste, and unlike auras 
there's no definitive reference, so just know that you can configure it to your 
liking if you want (there's nothing wrong with the default settings, if you want 
to keep them, no matter what anyone else says).

Some channels in the comms database are restricted depending on the area you're 
in, and some are global.  Always keep in mind that no matter what you're doing, 
no matter where you are, you can always talk (and ask for help) in global 
channels.  You're not guaranteed a response, but you don't lose anything by 

That's more or less it for the basics.  What comes next is entirely your choice; 
there's a lot to do, and it doesn't even have to involve fighting if you don't 
want it to.  Talk to people, listen, learn.

Good luck, Diver.


(Akasha, Head Librarian)

The first step is the hardest.  It is also the most disorienting, often coming 
without warning; small wonder, then, that not everyone graduates, and even those 
who do may take a long time to do so.

She did graduate, of course, though perhaps it was more from external motivation 
in the end.

(Metria, associate librarian)

Official caretakers and their associated housing were implemented in the Roads 
and Rails patch.  Prior to that point, players would provide counseling services 
in an unofficial capacity; the changes defined a Caretaker role and privilege-
set including CRUD permissions in secure housing areas intended for private 

This is not without its complications, but the benefits have been found to 
outweigh the risks.

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