LNH: Cover Gallery #55i

Drew Nilium pwerdna at gmail.com
Mon Oct 11 18:40:41 PDT 2021

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In the foreground, Fat Boy of the Oddball Legion looks at his phone in shock.
The background is a series of legally-distinct-from-Twitter messages, all of
which say "help me", other than one third from the bottom which says "nice ass

FAT BOY: When Frat Boy's mission to the Internetverse went wrong, I thought he
was dead! But now his spirit is creeping my social media! I have to save him,
before he's--

FAT BOY [explosion-shaped speech bubble]: LOST FOREVER IN MY DMs!

    ][][][][][][][][][][][<* * * * * * * * * * * *>][][][][][][][][][][][

Author's Note: "Juice" came on at work. X3

Drew "a terrifying thought indeed" Nilium

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