LNH: Cover Gallery #57i

Jeanne Morningstar mrfantastic7 at gmail.com
Sat Nov 20 15:36:44 PST 2021

[The cover takes the form of a 2000s webcomic page from "Kewlspace", 
with ads for other currently running LNH/RACC series on the side. The 
dropdown menu says

LNH: Cover Gallery #57i

The art is a four-panel grid drawn in typically awkward 2000s webcomic art.

Panel 1: A picture of famous webcomic creator Bobert Crosbley, holding 
fistfuls of money

Caption: "Bobby Crosbley, after years of trying, finally got a movie 
made of one of his webcomics..."

Panel 2: Crosbley lying on the ground in an alley, with his eyes x-ed out

Caption: "But now, just the trailer came out, he's been murdered!"

Panel 3: Deductive Logic Man is talking to a Hollywood suit in a boardroom.

Suit: "Can you solve the mystery, Deductive Logic Man?"

Panel 4: Deductive Logic Man sitting in front of a laptop.

DLM: "That should be easy. First, I'll read up on all his online feuds..."

Panel 5: A google search full of webcomic forum pages with titles like 
"Your webcomic sucks, "MY WEBCOMIC DOES NOT SUCK YOU SUCK," "Why I, 
Bobert Crosbley, am the greatest ever," "Read my comic or I'll break 
into your house and steal all your Penny Arcade merch"  On the top is 
"Page 1 out of 100,000,000"

Deductive Logic Man: "Ah, I see... Oh dear"

Panel 6: A teaser written on a black background

"Deductive Logic Man investigates the sordid world of Webcomic Babylon 
in... MURDER ME!"


Note: this was inspired by Marry Me somehow becoming an actual getting 
made as a movie after all these years. What a year, huh

The formatting was suggested by Drew.

Deductive Logic Man created by wReam

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