JE/REPOST: Journey into Procrastination #1

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On 2021-11-12 10:42, Jeanne Morningstar wrote:

> Note: Originally published December 20th, 2011
> I never did get around to writing the story that connects Jenny to the 
> Classic LNH, or at least, haven't yet.

Did you ever notice how Clueless Lad has a girlfriend named Jenny?  I 
intended for there to be a *possible* link to LNH20.

> It's kind of bittersweet looking back on all these unfinished or
> unwritten stories I teased. I have a tendency invest a lot of energy
> and hype in stories I never get around to actually finishing, but the
> ideas I have now about Jenny Everywhere and the LNH have evolved into
> much better ones than I had then, so maybe it's good I didn't write
> it then.
Powernaut stories are based upon my rewriting stories heavily, even if I 
*did* publish them once.  Reality shifts, y'know.  I have one version 
for each viewpoint character.  I plan a grand team-up for Ellipsis, 
Wyatt Ferguson, and the Powernaut, to cap Powernaut Comics in 1999. 
That will be the third version of that story.

If I *never wrote* the original stories, that's all the better!  It's 
just the Powernaut setting all that secret history straight.

> I've changed a lot in the almost ten (!) years since this was posted,
> and I expect to evolve more as I keep writing this stuff. Onward and
> upward, then.

I've mostly just grown older.  Still I find, publishing *good* stuff is 
a lot more work, isn't it?  But onward and upward anyway.

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