[MISC] The School Drabble #5 - Not All Tropes

Drew Nilium pwerdna at gmail.com
Sun May 9 20:40:53 PDT 2021

On 5/9/21 1:11 AM, Dave Van Domelen wrote:
>       "You missed the unit on magical girl misconceptions because you arrived
> too late," Mrs. Amber explained, straightening her face.  "There's no Luna or
> Artemis or...heavens help us...Kyubey. 

Yeeeesh indeed. @.@

> I wish I could say it was purely a
> media invention, but a few of the graduate teams did have conjured animal
> mascots.  But not mentors."

I'm always curious as to how summoned animals work - their minds, their 
memories, all that.

>       "Sometimes I think the girls would listen better if we faked some,
> though," Vermillion added.


Drew "reminded of Professor Pisces from Little Witch Academia" Nilium

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