[MISC] The School Drabble #3 - A Whiff of Grapeshot

Dave Van Domelen dvandom at eyrie.org
Tue May 4 14:38:19 PDT 2021

                         Drabbles of The School
                       #3 - A Whiff of Grapeshot
                    copyright 2021 by Dave Van Domelen

     "I get why most students don't go into superheroing," I said to Miss
Vermillion as we walked between buildings.  "Cool as magic can be, fighting
isn't for most people.  But why'd you stop?" 
     "A lot of the same things that break up garage bands break up the Teams.
Life gets in the way, superheroing doesn't pay the rent...stuff happens.
Team Shimmer still gets together to train monthly, but it's more like
National Guard duty."  She shrugged.  "Most girls retire for the same reason,
though: normie minions with guns.  Magical protection and healing are nice,
but getting shot still SUCKS." 


Author's Notes:

     The 100 word limit is just for the part between the === lines.

     For more about The School, my take on magical girls, see:


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