[MISC] The School Drabbles #2 - Duelism

Dave Van Domelen dvandom at eyrie.org
Sun May 2 11:29:17 PDT 2021

                         Drabbles of The School
                              #2 - Duelism
                    copyright 2021 by Dave Van Domelen

     "So, Miss Vermillion, when do we have dueling?  I don't see it on the
calendar, and I can't find a syllabus," I asked the unnaturally red-haired
     "First, we call it sparring, not duelling.  And this isn't college, we
have lesson plans, not syllabi."  
     "Okay, when do we have SPARRING?"
     "Primas don't spar.  A few Secundas, and most Tertias...mainly the ones
considering a team.  Sparring is always optional.  But in case you hadn't
noticed, with a few exceptions, PRIMA GRAY, Primas are little girls.  Do you
have any sisters?" 
     "Can you imagine them fighting with magic powers?"


Author's Notes:

     The 100 word limit is just for the part between the === lines.

     For more about The School, my take on magical girls, see:


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