SW10/WWW: Powernaut 1992 #1: This is It! A Powernaut for the 1990s!

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The Powernaut for the 1990s is finally here!  Guest stars abound, as he 
confronts the Doom Bear for the fate of his friend! This story's been 
decades in the making.


The schedule has big plans for 1992.  The Doom Bear comes first, because 
his story actually ends here.  (For the then-foreseeable future.)  This 
is no secret to the experienced reader of Powernaut Comics, because the 
2014 comic reveals this.  Yet as the editor of this Powernaut Comics in 
1992, I have labeled this episode for what it is: Return of the Doom Bear!

The many hirelings of Ellipsis were inspired by their various creators. 
But they fit well into 1990s comics - and into a certain role-playing 
campaign.  As I recall, there were at least seven heroes ready to 
confront the Doom Bear.  I have edited out one "Super-Jew" whose powers 
were about the same as Crusher Joe Corrigan.  Also, "Angora" who would 
actually have been good at breaking superhumans out from barricades, if 
only I had acknowledged that at the time.  (Her replacement character 
for a high-power campaign became Vara Hosea.)  Also one "Doc Help", 
likewise, but he usually declined hazards.  The "wow, Another 
Possession" comment comes from the campaign, based on tournament 
role-playing which the players had just come from.



*  Christine Lassiter: 

*  Ellipsis:  https://www.eilertech.com/stories/wiki/Ellipsis.htm

*  Total Conversion: 


Bonus Section:  2005 Reprint Commentary from Wyatt Ferguson!  Eek, Total 

I already said, the early 1990s turned out to be a power struggle among 
the U.S. Gov, Ellipsis, and the Doom Bear.  Ellipsis came ready, with 

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