LNH: Hungry, Hungry Sabertooths! #Square Root of 6pi: "PWP"

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Sat Feb 6 19:09:46 PST 2021

Issue #Square Root of 6pi: "PWP"
A tale


Plotchopper sits in the Gray Area of the Moon, resting his back on the Looker's
dome and looking out over the ruins of Acton Manor.

The Earth is beautiful. It's hard to remember that, sometimes.

It's hard to remember anything, sometimes.

He knows he sacrificed his backstory for power. Not all at once. When he'd
started doing the net.villain thing, he'd still been most of a person. But it
was so easy. When he gave up the memory of something valuable, the chains of
meaning broke, and hardly anything seemed worth remembering, remembering hardly
seemed worth more than power...

...turns out, a past is necessary to have a future. He will never have the
satisfaction of an ending, or even a fleeting resolution.

He feels empty. He feels... hungry.

There is a swirl of dust. He looks up and


Villains clash against villains in mighty combat, and Plotchopper laughs! He is
eternally joyous!

His Plotaxe clashes against OTP's claws! Things are happening to him, always,
constantly! He slices thru Polybag Person's cape! Exciting things, the most
important parts of any story! Captain Coredump tosses him across the room! His
downtime is somewhere offscreen! A deadly spork grazes his cheek! And! He is in

He is alive, full of electric vigor, out of control and in the moment. Every
sacrifice has been worth this eternal now.

A voice crackles over the PA system. "LET'S


Plotchopper stares at Agent Bennigan. He feels the man plucking at the threads
of his plot. And when this does not work, the dread in the man's eyes makes
him... *hungry*.

This should unnerve him. It does not. Very little does. He wonders why.

He wonders who, exactly, he's been sacrificing his backstory *to*. He doesn't
remember. Of course he doesn't. You would think that would make it difficult to
keep doing it. Unless someone was making sure you could.

When he opened his memories to who-knows-what... Maybe some part of him began
leaking out thru the cracks? Or maybe... something else is leaking *in*.

He hears Mister Homage


Plotchopper floats outside of time, sitting in the EastJet, halfway between
pulled out of one day and tossed into the next.

He sits, staring out the window, and remembers everything. The man who had made
the terrible bargain. The being who had accepted it. Why he'd done it. Who he'd
done it for.

Once you have the pieces, you can fit them together and see the pattern.
Somehow, it all makes sense. He can say with certainty: He is still


Drew "Person Without Plot" Nilium

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