LNH: Classic LNH Adventures #225: LNH vII #50 The Conclusion

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Sun Dec 19 21:59:46 PST 2021

On 12/19/21 11:35 PM, Jeanne Morningstar wrote:
> Looking back at this issue, it reminds me a lot of 52 (which I reread recnetly, 
> and very much enjoyed all the non-Geoff Johns-y bits of). That was a series 
> written by a bunch of people with very distinctive creative voices that somehow 
> (well, Keith Giffen doing backgrounds through the whole series helped, but) 
> meshed into a cohesive whole. LNH v2 #50 was similar.

Definitely agreed. :D

> I know there were some 
> bits that were attributed to other people in previous discussions I'm pretty 
> sure I wrote... but there are also some bits where I have no idea who wrote 
> them.

Yeah that's entirely possible. X3

> I feel like we did a good job all building on each other's strengths as 
> writers; I know working with Rob and Saxon really helped me level up.

Very much agreed. :>

> I know the epilogue scenes were me and Drew. Those were written at the end of 
> 2014, coming off the high of the Gillen/McKelvie Young Avengers ending (a series 
> that played a huge role in me realizing I was queer). That's where the whole 
> anniversary party aspect came from.


> Someday I really have to address Time Crapper IV getting married to Betamax in 
> the future (a Doctor Who-inspired bit, of course). Maybe after I tackle a few of 
> the other loose ends that I have floating around.

It's fun to have these hooks! n.n

> "This was supposed to celebrate everything that was great about the LNH so we 
> could go forward into a new era. Instead, it just about destroyed us."--that 
> line was of course me putting in my feelings about the writing process. In the 
> end, though, this story really did set up a new era, with lots of stuff that 
> played out in narratively rewarding ways-- the return of Halls and Cliche, 
> Toony's definitively drawing a line under his life as a net.hero, and especially 
> Captain LNH and expanding the overall mythology of Vector.

Yes!!! It's influenced so much of what we've done since!

> We were able to make the best of the frustrating circumstances behind this 
> issue, because it meant that LNH would have to leave behind a lot of its past 
> stock elements and find new stories, and by the end we were already starting to 
> build them.

yessssssssss <3 <3 <3

> It really laid the seeds for the current core LNH which is always 
> dynamic and evolving, like the Claremont X-Men in its prime. I'm very proud of 
> this issue in the end, where it landed thematically and emotionally and what it 
> did for the LNH.

Same. :>

> And I get a big smile out of seeing the credits list at the end.

:D :D :D I love putting that kind of feelsy shit in. I should do it for HHS too 

> Oh, and "Jump" by Kriss Kross was an in joke on my part--it was the number one 
> hit the week the first LNH post was made.

That just feels so appropriate. X3

Drew "The Nineties" Nilium

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