Superfreaks: Season 4 Episode 22

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Sun Dec 19 13:04:49 PST 2021

Michael King, Lana Lewis and Frank Lopez: crime scene
investigators. John Phelps, Mark Johnston and Tom
Jackson: police officers. Jack Greenspan and Edward
Bailey: medical examiners. Alan Russell and Cliff
Murdock: lawyers. These men and women are truly our
last line of defense. But what about the capes whose
cases they have to investigate? Should they be
considered a help or a hindrance?


Previously on SUPERFREAKS

"This is K Konan Koulson with my special guest, the hero known as Enigma."
"Thank you, K."
"No, thank you, Enigma!  You sir, are a hero whereas the Human Spiders are a menace!"
"Indeed!" Enigma said.  "I have video showing how they killed me!"
"Let's see that video!"

"No!  Don't kill me!  Why are you going to kill me?!"
"You're the bad guy!" Human Spider A said.
"You... have to... die!" Human Spider B said.

"Oh my God!" K Konan Koulson said.  "That video isn't doctored at all!  They are clearly responsible for your death."
"But there's more!" Enigma said.  "Both Human Spiders are clones of Kenneth Kendall."

Meanwhile in Times Square.

"What the---?" said Human Spider A.

And meanwhile at Extreme Force HQ.

"What the---?" said Human Spider B.

And now the conclusion...

Leroy Laurel and his clients Kenneth Kendall and Kenneth Kendall sat down with Alan Russell and Cliff Murdock.
"These charges are a farce!" Leroy said.  "They are accused of killing Enigma but there is no body.  The only evidence against our clients is a video of Enigma's death provided by Enigma himself."
"This is true," Alan Russell said.
"So why are we going through with this?" Leroy asked.
"Because if there is no trial then Kenneth Kendall will be judged by the court of public opinion," Cliff Murdock explained
"Couldn't we just go speak to Professor Peculiar and have everyone forget that Kenneth Kendall was the Human Spider?" Human Spider A asked.
Alan Russell shook his head.  "No.  For one thing, altering people's memories against their will is completely illegal.  Anyone who knew you were the Human Spider would not only forget that you were the Human Spider but also when they learned that you were the Human Spider.  There is no telling what other vital information that they would forget as a result."
"How about we make it so that everybody would forget about the Human Spider altogether?" Human Spider B asked.
"That would be even worse," Cliff Murdock said.
"Yes," Alan Russell explained.  "Just making people forget about you would not be enough.  What about all your school records?  Your social media posts?  And don't forget that your picture has been all over the internet.  It would not be hard for people to figure out that Kenneth Kendall is the Human Spider even if they don't remember you."
"Well... damn." both Human Spiders said.
"No, we have to go through with case," Alan Russell said.
"How do we know this won't blow up in our faces?" Leroy Laurel asked.
"Because we are good lawyers," Cliff Murdock said.

One week later.

Judge Kevin Matthews presided over the case.
"Mr. Russell, you are the prosecuting attorney.  Please present your evidence."
Alan Russell stood up.  "Your honor, our one bit of evidence is the video provided by K Konan Koulson."
Kevin Matthews nodded.  "Alright.  Let's see the video."

"No!  Don't kill me!  Why are you going to kill me?!"
"You're the bad guy!" Human Spider A said.
"You... have to... die!" Human Spider B said.

Kevin Matthews nodded.  "This evidence is very damning but of course I am also going to want to see what the coroner said after performing his autopsy."
"There was no autopsy of Enigma," Alan Russell said.
"No autopsy?  Why not?"
"Because no body was recovered."
Kevin Matthews pursed his lips.  "Alright.  And how did K Konan Koulson obtain the video?"
"From Enigma himself."
The mouth of Kevin Matthews was hung open.  "Enigma himself provided the video showing himself getting killed?"
"That is correct."
Kevin Matthews nodded.  "I have heard enough."  He slammed down his gavel.  "Kenneth Kendal and Kenneth Kendall, you are both free to go."
Both Kenneth Kendalls stood up and gave each other a hug in celebration.  They then each shook the hands of Leroy Laurel.
Cliff Murdock spoke to Alan Russell.  "I am so happy that is over!"
Alan Russell agreed.  "Indeed.  It could have been a lot worse!"

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