LNH: Lone Boy Team-Up #1

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On 12/6/21 11:48 PM, Ben Rawluk wrote:
> "Bonding"
> By Ben Rawluk
> ***
> The problem with being Lone Boy is the team-ups. You wouldn't think so, right?

Heeheehee. X3

> And then there's, well, the entire Legion, but that's a proximity thing. Even 
> with Max's quarters in the third sub-basement, you can't go twenty minutes 
> without getting embroiled in some kind of team-up. Captain Basement told him he 
> was the kind of gritty special guest star they bring in all the time to boost 
> sales.

Yeah that sounds right. X3

> (And the issue of Posture Prince's crush on Cal, which, well.)

Oooooooooo :3

> Boss Emoji, whose current crop of underlings are the ones surrounding them, 
> the ones with the yellow pie-plate masks and the purple jumpsuits, brandishing 
> the mood rings. Probably thirty seconds away from driving them both mad with 
> them.
> The Big Moods.

I love it X3

> That one's wearing his old mask, actually.

Oof, awkward

> Gerund Girl rolls her eyes. "They had you upside down in that dumpster five 
> minutes ago." She has to shout over the sound of her flaming chainsaw, which 
> she's waving back and forth between them and the underlings. 

I love that image. X3

> Whatever, Sad Face is a dick. Being an underling always felt like living with 
> four roommates in some dingy dormitory hoping for your five minutes of publicly 
> menacing Kid Kirby or somebody someone's heard of; you kind of have to be a bit 
> of a dick to survive that. 

Yeah, fair. o3o;

> He glares across at the new Angry Face and ends up saying, "I hope you sanitized that mask."
> "Oh good," says Angry Face. "You remembered that we're here."


> "Oh my god, this again," Gerund Girl says, surging forward, swinging the 
> chainsaw in an arc around them - none of the Big Moods get out of the way in 
> time, scream as the flames pass through them before collapsing onto the 
> pavement, moaning. Laughter Face is shrieking, Happy Face weeping, Angry Face 
> laughing and Sleepy Face wriggling around like a worm. Only Sad Face is still, 
> motionless and silent. The Kiss of the Logodemon. "This isn't a sitcom," she 
> says eventually, the chainsaw dissolving into fading embers.

Daaaaaaaaaaaaaamn. :o

> "You've seen my file?" He rounds on her, knows that the fangs and claws and
> burning red eyes around out now.

I think there's a word missing here?

> He wasn't even going to go out on patrol tonight; he's supposed to be seeing 
> a movie on the other side of town with Cal and Stature Queen and, of course, 
> Posture Prince because that guy invites himself along to anything if Cal's 
> going to be there. Except it's raining, and brooding in the rain is one of his 
> *other* super-powers, and then he spotted these knuckleheads. It was inevitable 
> after that.

Oh sweetie. X3

> "If you say the words redemption arc, I'm breaking out the chainsaw again."
> Max takes a full step back. He remembers what it felt like, the last time; 
> after his soul was stretched out until it threatened to snap, he felt himself 
> become numb. It was months before he could even get out of bed. 

--oh right this was when he was a net.villain. I was about to say, Geri you
don't *do* that to someone, but if they're trying to kill you you totally do.

> "Good," Gerund Girl says. "Because this isn't about bonding or becoming 
> friends or whatever. This is about me keeping my eye on you." Each i-n-g hums 
> as she says it, flaming swirling around her face, flames seem to peel back her 
> skin.
> "I mean, of course you can light your head on fire for dramatic effect on top 
> of everything else. This isn't fair."

X3 <3 Indeed.

> Posture Prince was an offhand remark by Drew Perron

Oh! :D <3

> Amid a very busy time at work when I'm also in between writing projects, I decided to throw
> together another instalment of the adventures of Gerund Girl, Never Lad and Lone Boy. Will I do
> another one soon? Hopefully, it was fun to just churn something out in an hour.

Heck yeah. :D

> I've been fiddling with the idea for this for a while now, but it took me a while to come to the
> right voice for Max. I have a whole little clique and social dynamic for Cal and Max that I have
> forming in my head; any excuse to resurrect Captain Basement from an old issue of Dashing Tales.

It's a really good dynamic! :D

> For the record, I blame Posture Prince on the LNHQ's habit of spontaneously generating new 
> Legionnaires any time you think of a name at random.

X3 Yessssssss

Drew "c'mon Joel, we're gonna crown the posture royalty" Nilium

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