8FOLD/PREVIEW: Excerpt from Reign Morgana

Drew Nilium pwerdna at gmail.com
Sat Dec 18 20:34:42 PST 2021

On 12/6/21 3:39 PM, Amabel Holland wrote:
> Sooooo one thing I've noticed is that the google groups interface I
> use to interact with RACC has decided to eat my formatting (INCLUDING
> FOR OLD POSTS!) and rather than have to like manually add
> double-spaces after every paragraph, I'm trying a thing where I
> "indent" each new graf with a period and two spaces. I need to see if,
> you know, this works, and so, as a treat, here's a teensy context-free
> bit from one of next year's 8Fold series.

I think it works well. :>

> Summon, bind, ask, banish. These are the four steps for evocation. The
> first isn't relevant. The second has been done.
> .  This leaves the ask. Kate may ask one question of the shape. As
> soon as it answers, the circle that binds it will be broken. The shape
> will be free, wild. Dangerous. More dangerous, perhaps, than it was
> last night.

oooooooooh. :D <3

> .  And so the clever man asked the devil, "Behind which door is my doom?"
> .  "The second door," said the devil.
> .  The clever man opened the first door, and there found the key. He
> skipped the next door, then opened the third, and there found his
> doom.
> "The devil did not lie," says Pill. "My dude opened two doors. And
> behind the second one he opened, doom."

Oh goshdangit. X3

> .  "Well, then I'm your guy, sis," says Simon. "I do this all the time."
> .  Kate raises an eyebrow. "You, uh, summon demons?"
> .  "Well, no," says Simon, a little embarrassed. "But this monkey's
> paw stuff? We do it all the time in our Pathfinder game. Parker loves
> pulling those kinda gotchas on us."

Adorable. <3

> .  "Maybe not," says Kate. "We're trying to outwit a malicious pedant, right?"
> .  "Basically."
> .  "So, let's get a bunch of other malicious pedants to help us out,"
> says Kate. "Simon, call your group."

Love it. :>

Drew "will get on beta-reading soon" Nilium

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