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Jeanne Morningstar mrfantastic7 at gmail.com
Sat Dec 18 16:06:45 PST 2021

On 12/18/21 1:05 PM, deucexm wrote:

> I have a list for the DiVerse too, but it is a massive pile of unfinished work
> at this point because of the aforementioned burnout issues.  There's one in
> particular that has yet to be written (although its skeleton is sitting there in
> the closet, occasionally glaring at me as it waits impatiently to be enfleshed)
> that would serve to dimensionally link the DiVerse and... some incarnation of
> the LNH, I'm still not sure which, through a library.  Like so many others, I
> just haven't gotten around to it yet.
> Some day.

That would be a lot of fun! As far as different LNH incarnations go, one 
idea Drew and I have batted around every now and again is a cascade 
that's an entirely new iteration of the LNH, a return to the chaotic 
creative energy of the earliest days. Kind of the opposite of LNH20, 
which was heavily planned out and worldbuilded before we started it, 
which was a mixed blessing. This would be a completely improvisational 

I like the idea of the LNH having one major new iteration per decade 
(Classic for the 90s, LNHY for the 00s, LNH20 for the 10s and this for 
the 20s). The LNH kind of works like a long running anime franchise like 
Gundam where it has the original universe that's still central 
(UC/Classic) but still drops new iterations every now and again, so it's 
nice if we can keep that going.

But we should probably finish at least one of the cascades we're on first.

> To turn a phrase, your writing is great and you should feel great!  <3

Aww thanks!

Jeanne Morningstar

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