8FOLD/PREVIEW: Excerpt from Reign Morgana

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Wed Dec 8 17:27:15 PST 2021

On 2021-12-06 12:39, Amabel Holland wrote:

> Summon, bind, ask, banish. These are the four steps for evocation. The
> first isn't relevant. The second has been done.
> .  This leaves the ask. Kate may ask one question of the shape. As
> soon as it answers, the circle that binds it will be broken. The shape
> will be free, wild. Dangerous. More dangerous, perhaps, than it was
> last night.
> .  "Which is where the banish comes in," explains Kate.

I rather like this new format.
-  But then I was a pioneer of the wordy-bulleted style.  8{D>

> .  A clever man came to a place with three doors, watched by a devil.

And it's a clever story.
-  But I think you had one two many bullets in that first sentence.  (I 
know; I wish I could fix typos in Usenet.)

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"Your Royal Highness, instead of devoting yourself exclusively
to Minerva, should, instead, rather offer sacrifice at the altars
of Bacchus, Orpheus, Venus, and Morpheus."

- Advice to Prince Duarte of Portugal.  From "The golden age of
Prince Henry the Navigator", by Joaquim Pedro Oliveira Martins.
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