JE: The Hermetic Garbage of Jenny Everywhere Act II, part I

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Wed Dec 8 15:40:36 PST 2021

On 2021-12-05 18:57, Jeanne Morningstar wrote:
> Now huge metal towers had sprung up, but then there were explosions and 
> cries of pain and the empty towers rusted away into nothing. It was too 
> late. The red sun grew larger and ate the sky. The stars began to go 
> out. Time was moving faster and faster, and Jenny knew that she would 
> soon reach the End of Time. The thought terrified her, but not for the 
> same reasons it would others.
> The earth had crumbled away, and Jenny was suspended in an endless, 
> starless void. There was a silence and a stillness. Jenny knew that the 
> End of Time was upon her.
> "Jenny? What are you doing?" said a voice.
> It was, of course, her mother.

That's one of the most inventive ways of Getting Out of Oblivion that 
I've ever seen.  It ranks up there with Thanos getting trapped in 
oblivion, and committing suicide so Death could literally save him.

And in general I like where this series is going.

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