LNH: Sentence Adventures Chapter Three: "Totally Tubular!"

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Sentence Adventures!
By Drew Nilium!
Chapter Three: "Totally Tubular!"


Twinkle was exploring an underground mall full of cupcakes with her aunt, and
was just about to bite into a huge strawberry when she woke up, suspended in
some kind of glowy tube!

"Mwahahaha!" Before her stood the man who had put her to sleep, the man with
the hat and cape and goggles, standing in a grandly expansive pose, hands out
as if to clench destiny itself! "I must commend your fortitude, young lady, for
you have made a trip that even the most experienced time traveler would not
dare contemplate - and in doing so, the time harvesters in your belt sucked up
not just the everyday, but the innermost essence of time itself!"

"...what?" Twinkle blinked within the glowy tube, trying to pull her head
together enough to understand what the weird guy just said.

But this weirdest of guys walked over to a complicated mess of electronic parts
and tubes full of chemicals, into which was strapped - her time-travel belt, oh
no! "And in scant minutes, I, the renegade Time Wizard Zeruth Blong, will use
the temporal essence you've accumulated to transform myself into - THE KING OF

Twinkle shook her head, knocking out the cobwebs and weirdness to focus on what
was important! "But the future needs this time!"

"Is *that* what they told you!" Z-something Bonk turned towards her, pointing a
finger. "You fool, rule number one is never believe a Time Wizard!"

"I'd believe a Time Wizard way before I believe some weirdo who kidnaps me and
stuffs me in a tube!!" shouted Twinkle righteously.

"Well, that's a good point actually, *but*!" said Zerbly Bingle, gesturing at
the time harvester built and the weird machine it was strapped into. "Why would
they entrust some random child with a critical mission like this?"

"Because she's not just some random child - she's me!" Suddenly with a BOOM-
BOOM-B'DOOM the lab was blowing up around them!

"Who-- what-- HOW!?" Zeeb ran off towards something Twinkle couldn't see, but
she forgot about him real quick because the tube was opening up!

The smoke cleared, and before Twinkle stood the coolest lady she'd ever seen,
in some kind of shimmery metal suit, both of her hands glowing, held out to her.
"Come with me if you wanna be awesome!"


Drew "that's pretty gnarly, bro" Nilium

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