LNH: Sentence Adventures Chapter Two: "Rise of the Time Wizards!"

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Sat Aug 14 20:46:46 PDT 2021

Sentence Adventures!
By Drew Nilium!
Chapter Two: "Rise of the Time Wizards!"


Meanwhile, in the space outside time, a diabolical mastermind of absolute chaos
cackled in terrible glee! "Cosmic infinity courses thru my veins; my body is
ablaze with astral charge; and once again, the galaxy will tremble at the might
of-- OOF!"

"aaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAA--" Because she was spinning helplessly thru a trans-time
tunnel, Twinkle was completely unable to keep herself from bouncing off some
weird guy monologuing to himself! "AAAAAAASORRYAAAAAAaaaaaaa..."

"...aaaaaAAAAAAOOF!" Twinkle's fall thru time was broken by a nice soft squishy
object - that turned out to be the back of a very enraged hippopotamus!!

"Ex*cuse* me," said the hippopotamus, wrapping a towel around herself, "but
this is *not* a public beach!"

"A-aah, sorry ma'am!" Twinkle put both hands over her face, blushing hotly, and
running off down the beach until with an OOF! she ran right into someone else!

"Oh, sorry, miss, I-- a-HA!" The man in the crimson top hat, dramatically
flowing cape, and thick brass goggles pointed at her in triumph - specifically,
her belt! "So, the Time Wizards have sent an agent to stop me!"

"Yeep!" This guy looked like a total creeper and also Twinkle was competely
overwhelmed at this point, so she hit a random button on the belt!

With a magical sparkle and a mystical whoosh, temporal energy swirled around
her body and into her hands - and became a mug of hot coffee, with "World's
Greatest Time Wizard" stenciled on the side!

Twinkle stared, goggle-eyed, into the mug of coffee, until it was gently taken
from her hand, at which point she looked up into a slowly rotating pattern of
soft pink light, spinning around inside her head, and the last thing she heard
was "Sleeeeeeeep..."


Drew "but who are these mysterious Time Wizards? Find out next time, if I end
up going in that direction!" Nilium

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