LNH: Sentence Adventures Chapter One: "Sentenced to Adventure!"

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Sentence Adventures!
By Drew Nilium!
Chapter One: "Sentenced to Adventure!"


Twinkle Aster, the world's new up-and-coming Sparkletube star (as she liked to 
think of herself) was in the library looking for the hot new YA book For Teenz 
(as all the signs in the library kept calling them) when suddenly a purple 
portal appeared in front of her and out walked a furry gamboge frog, who said, 
"My name is Zwoop and I need you to take this time-device to save history!"

"Oh my god oh my god oh my god," said Twinkle, who was entirely unready for a 
weird science-fictional element to enter her everyday life, even though she had 
long pined for just such a thing to take place and upend the boringness of her 
everyday existence! "But why!?"

"Because we're running out of time - literally!" said Zwoop, who gave Twinkle 
what appeared to be a belt made out of some kind of flexible, silvery metal, 
small shapes on the surface glowing softly in green or purple.

"It turns out that time is itself a limited resource," said Zwoop, gesticulating 
wildly, "and while in this era there is more than enough to go around, in my 
distant future we have had to create devices to harvest time!"

"So this is a time harvester belt?" said Twinkle, wrapping it around her waist 
and feeling it shrink down until it fit snugly against her astonishingly sparkly 
purple jeans.

"It is, and I have to warn you not to push any of the activation panels until I 
explain to you the way that WHAT ARE YOU DOING NO--"

Twinkle slid her hands over the belt, marvelling at its strange texture and 
near-total lack of weight, until her finger pressed into one of those glowing 
purple shapes, and she disappeared in a flash of strange temporal light!


Drew "I just like exclamation points okay" Nilium

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