RACCies: 2017-2018 (24th & 25th Biennial) RACCies Ceremony

deucexm deucexm at gmail.com
Fri Apr 30 23:10:30 PDT 2021

Love it.

There's a very palpable sense of relief in many ways since the transition of the 
former guy, and even though I'm still dealing with a lot of personal and 
professional stuff, this is a much-needed reminder of the sort of thing that makes 
me really come alive - writing and creating and just throwing ideas around and 
playing with them and seeing how they grow and evolve.  The DiVerse wouldn't be half 
of what it is without everyone to bounce things off of and refine my rough and 
nebulous ideas before I sit down to write, and that means the world to me when I 
have precious few friends who will do that.  So... thanks.  <3

If I can manage to drag myself off the proverbial floor and start writing again, 
there's one particular crossover that's been on my mind for a while now; but, 
we'll see...

- Felix

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