LNH: Hungry, Hungry Sabertooths! #6.66

Arthur Spitzer arspitzer2 at gmail.com
Sat Oct 31 12:39:03 PDT 2020

Back in 2016..

It had been a hard day.  Occultism Kid with a snap of fingers turned on the various 
candles in his inner sanctum and then he winced in pain.  He looked at his trembling 
hand.  He grabbed his remote and turned on his magic mirror.  And flipped it to some 
Net.ropolis News.  Every part of his body began to ache.

Strange, he was beginning to feel some doubt about what they had done on Neme.sys.  
Sending the Ultimate Ninja to the Real World to stop the madness that was going on 
there.  Why now?  Why didn't he feel any of this doubt back then?  He was so sure -- 
they were all so sure that this was the right course of action.  They had no doubt 
that sending a fascist authoritarian who would do whatever it took to win no matter 
how horrible was the right course of action to stop another fascist authoritarian who 
would do whatever it took to win no matter how horrible.  They were sure that this 
was the best -- the only path to victory.  But was it?   Did they have to make that 

And something occurred to him.  They had made these decisions that they were so 
completely sure of on the planet Neme.sys.  Occultism Kid felt a chill in his spine.  
Had Neme.sys somehow influenced there choices?  Was that why they were so sure that 
this was right course of action?

No.  He would have felt something if that had happened.  But.  Could he be absolutely 
sure about that?  Occultism Kid wondered if he should consult with the others who had 
been there to see if they were having doubts about this.  But on the other hand if 
they had made a mistake -- it was kind of too late to correct it.  Maybe the Ultimate 
Ninja was the right choice.

The Ultimate Ninja was great at beating whoever he fought at least in the Looniverse.  
But the Real World wasn't the Looniverse.  The Looniverse was a place where no matter 
how bad it got the heroes would eventually triumph over the forces of evil.  The Real 
World on the other hand was a chaotic place where sometimes good would win.  And 
sometimes it wouldn't.

Occultism Kid sat down in his easy chair.  Maybe he needed some rest.  Think about 
this tomorrow.  No point in worrying everyone tonight.  Just think about it some more 
tomorrow.  Hopefully they had made the right decision.  Hopefully one made without 
the influence of Neme.sys.  Hopefully, it would all work out for the best.



Occultism Kid -- Josh Guerink
Planet Neme.sys -- Jeanne Morningstar
Ultimate Ninja -- wReam

Writer's Notes:

This issue is set slightly after the events where the Ultimate Ninja was sent to the 
Real World.

I noticed rereading HHS #6 that all the decisions being made were being made on 
Neme.sys.  Did that have any affect on the LNH'rs there?  Was sending the Ultimate 
Ninja to save the Real World the best and only way?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  I suppose 
we'll see.

Arthur "Questions.." Spitzer

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