LNHY: Cover Gallery #51i

Drew Nilium pwerdna at gmail.com
Thu Oct 29 13:02:16 PDT 2020

A baseball diamond on a sunny day! Kid Kicked-Out swings at a baseball flying
towards him with a sharpened garden hoe - and misses, with the umpire yelling,
"Yooooou're OUT!"

The opposing team is robots whose heads are shaped like meteors! The System
Corrupters are in the dugout, with the LNH in the stands, dressed as the cast
of Mystery Men! And holding a tray of hot dogs is a mysterious shadowy figure!

PISTER Y. MAPRIKA: Haw, haw! They're looking kind of dumb now!

EARL GREY: This new team you've hired is golden, sir!

TROPHY WIFE [thought bubble]: But is all that glitters truly gold?

FIREFIGHTER: If we beat the meteor men, we win a pardon, and they disappear!

KID ENTHUSIASTIC-Y: But if they don't repair the weather control satellite, the
polar ice caps will melt!

MYSTERIOUS SHADOWY FIGURE: My world's on fire - and soon, yours will be too!

[Caption: The bases are loaded and it's the bottom of the ninth! But can the
System Corrupters shoot their stars without breaking their mold? It's time for
the LNH to get their game on - THE ALL-STAR GAME!]

Drew "wrote this while working on Death of Trophy Wife" Nilium

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