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Tue Oct 27 19:37:58 PDT 2020

On Tuesday, October 13, 2020 at 9:24:46 PM UTC-7, Drew Perron wrote:

> "--oh, sorry!" The other one scrambles to his feet, and Token Girl can see that
> it's Can-Handle-Any-Type-of-Change-Except-For-the-Ultimate-Ninja-Wearing-a-Cape
> Lad, three-time winner of the Longest Name in the Legion contest.
> "That's okay," she says, helping him up. "But are you all right? You seem, uh,
> distracted."
> He shakes his head, blushing just a bit. "It's just..." He looks over his
> shoulder, then leans in to murmur. "I'm afraid my powers are malfunctioning."
> "Ohhhh?" Token Girl felt a slight tinge of worry. CHAToCEFtUNWaCLad was a
> relatively new Legionnaire, but had already become one of their dependable
> stalwarts.
> He nods firmly. "I saw Ultimate Ninja walk by the cape closet, and..." He
> breathes just a bit deeper. "I didn't feel *anything*."

Well, unless the Ultimate Ninja is actually prancing around in a cape -- I don't
think he would feel anything.

> "...ah." Token Girl's worry becomes a different kind of... melancholy, really.
> She had been right there when it happened, but...
> "Me too!" Puts-Paperclips-on-The-Ultimate-Ninja's-Desk Lad, three-time loser of
> the Least Useful Power in the Legion contest, popped into the conversation out
> of nowhere. "I just got a new jar of clips and they've just been sitting in a
> drawer all week!"

I guess this is foreshadowing for the changes in Hungry, Hungry Sabertooths! #6?

Still since his power is tied to the actual desk that the Ultimate Ninja uses -- not
sure why that change would effect him?

But since I'll probably never write another story with these guys -- I suppose I don't
care if they lose their powers forever.  :)

>The vague music quiets, and a warm and enthusiastic announcer comes on,
>completely unfazed by what he's about to say. "Ladies and gentlemen, in his
>first address to the nation, please welcome the new President-Elect of the
>Loonited Sates of Ame.rec.a..."
>A person walks up to the podium. A person both of them recognize. A person both
>of them have fought with. And before last week, the last person either of them
>would have expected to see up there...
>"...Bad Judgment Boy!"

*GASP!*  But I suppose this choice makes since.  Hmm.  And will we find out that this
in fact Bad Judgment Boy Red who's running against Bad Judgment Boy Blue who while
will also be a terrible president, but we have to vote for because Bad Judgment Boy
Red is really, really terrible?

Anyway, overall good ending for this.

Arthur "Glad this Wiki Nightmare is finally over with.." Spitzer

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