LNH: Hungry, Hungry Sabertooths! #6pi III: "The Search for Plot"

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Mon Oct 26 09:38:05 PDT 2020

On 10/26/20 12:28 PM, Jeanne Morningstar wrote:
> #6pi III: "The Search for Plot"
> A classic LNH tale with a really obvious title joke by Jeanne Morningstar

And yet I LOVE IT :D

> Masterplan Lad opened his eyes. He was on the moon, and Chaos Theory was 
> lounging in midair beside him in a "draw-me-like-one-of-your-French-girls" pose.

Yessssss. :3 Now all they need to do is dance next to a church

> "I'm undergoing important character development in my own series, you know. [see 
> Liminals #4 to... 10 probably????]


> "Sure I can, silly," said Chaos Theory. They patted MPL on the shoulder. "It's 
> good character development, and trust me--it'll be rough in parts, but you'll be 
> a lot cuter when you come out the other side.


> "If *you're* the one trying to repair things, they must be bad."
> "I wouldn't say bad. Just... really a lot."

Valid and valid. @- at v

> We don't have a lot of control 
> over the Real World. Even the larger, well-known works of art don't--the Kurt 
> Vonnegut statement about the Vietnam War and artists comes to mind--

I kinda hate that one, but the point's still valid.

> My Writer reread Legion of Occult Heroes because 
> they were convinced for a period of three days that the internet was going to 
> die because of a satellite collision, and so they wanted to prepare themselves. 
> In case you're wondering how they're doing."

Anxiety spirals are a motherfucker. @-@

> Masterplan Lad nodded. "Then again, LNH has been a major source of happiness in 
> their life right now, which is why they've been writing such an absolutely 
> ridiculous amount of it, along with your Writer. I know that LNH was a major 
> part of how they came to terms with their gender and sexuality, and developed 
> some of their most significant relationships, and that helped them to reexamine 
> their understanding of the world. So LNH did have an impact on the Real World, 
> however small."

Hell yeah!! \m/>.<\m/

>  In the ancient days of life on Earth, when the sabertooths 
> roamed--but not the dinosaurs, just to be clear--


> I don't know that art can save the world, but it can 
> remind us of something true--whether it's hopeful, or painful, or silly, or er, 
> erotic, or all those things--and that's something we need. It can give us a 
> place to stand, a hand to help us out of the pit, or a brick to throw, as need 
> be. A small flame for the cold of winter's night."

gosssssssssh this is extremely good. <3 Pulling me up out of a small anxiety 
hole myself.

> Chaos Theory was silent. They clapped their hands together. The sound carried on 
> the moon by the force of comic book narrative convention. "Wow," they said. 
> "That was good. I love when you get poetic. You're really, really hot."

Agreed. :3

> "There's just one problem... You brought up the sabertooths but you didn't say 
> they were 'Hungry, Hungry Sabertooths.' You were so close to a title drop. So 
> close."

X3 X3 X3 Somewhere, Rubricus Declinator sheds a single tear.

> "I can't help being ridiculous, sweetie. That's what I am.

Fuck yeah. :D

> But I was 
> thinking--as good as that speech was... how the heck are we going to get *this* 
> story there?"
> "I haven't the slightest idea, to tell the truth.

Also legit!! @-@;

> He looked down at the plot threads 
> looped around Net.ropolis on the Earth and scrunched his nose. "Goodness, that's 
> quite a tangle."
> "Yeah. A real slobberknocker-de-do," said Chaos Theory.

It really is. X3

> "Well, I don't know *how* it's all going to end, not just yet, but I do know 
> *where* it's all going to end. The same place the RACCelestial Madonna pageant 
> was held [cf Retcon Hour], where Constellation ascended [Constellation #36]. The 
> Net.ropolis Bandshell."
> They sat together on top of the bandshell, watching the plot flow back and forth 
> and waited for the end.

Oh, that's very good. :D And inspiring!

Drew "trying to stitch together different bits in my next couple parts" Nilium

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