LNH: Hungry, Hungry Sabertooths! #6pi (October 2020B): ""18.84955592154... Plus an Excess of Enthusiasm Means Big Trouble For Simplicity!"

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On 2020-10-25 20:12, Drew Nilium wrote:
> On 10/25/20 11:02 PM, Scott Eiler wrote:
>> Writer's Note:  *Exterminating* Son, technically.  The name seemed 
>> cool in the 1990s.  But yeah, that name is old history and he seems to 
>> be happy to drop it. Since Imperilus is now a publicly sourced 
>> character, what you say about him goes forward!
> :D To be fair, they're remembering out-of-continuity stuff, it's a 
> wonder they got in the right general ballpark

Marvel Comics might have the rights to "Avenging Son".  They referred to 
Prince Namor the Sub-Mariner as this.  Which inspires "Imperilus" also. 
Basically Imperilus (despite not being a sentient undersea creature) is 
SW10's counterpart to Namor.  Which is ironic, since "Exterminating Son" 
is a reference to an unwritten incident in SW10 for which Imperilus and 
sentient undersea creatures were present.

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