LNH/SW10: Hungry, Hungry Sabretooths #17: I Know Who Could

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Wed Oct 21 21:09:28 PDT 2020

On 10/21/20 11:54 PM, Scott Eiler wrote:
> Psychovant the Duck reviewed the LNH timeline from afar.  But he'd found a place 
> to live already, near Powernauts.  He wasn't going to give up on annoying them.
> But he said, "I know who could."

Oh *boy* X3

> Shortly, Psychovant was in the very cold town of Livingston-Montana on Earth 
> SW10.  It was one of the last survivable places on this Earth.  It was having a 
> Global Cooling Crisis.  Only the smouldering Yellowstone Crater kept this place 
> even a little bit warm.


> Psychovant promptly found Wyatt Ferguson, who was checking in to work at an 
> Amazon warehouse.  Amazon was about the last company operating on this Earth.

Of course~

> Imperilus (a.k.a. "Exterminating Son") had a lot of history on his Earth.  But 
> he had obviously not made it into any ideal world of Powernauts or something.  

It's like Left Behind, but not terrible

> "Okay, how you feel about about the LNH?"
> "The *What*??"
> "How you feel about superheroes in general, then?"
> "Oh, I *hate* them."
> "Well, all right!  I know the place for you!

Oh nooooooo XD

> Imperilus looked around the lobby.  Three sabertooth tigers were approaching.  
> So he said...
> "Well, all right!!"

oh my goodness. X3

> Author's Note:  Imperilus is basically a Swedish bruiser, powerful enough to 
> fight a Powernaut (as is currently happening in 2008). 
> http://www.eilertech.com/stories/wiki/Imperilus.htm

Thank you for throwing a hat into the ring. :3 Soon I'll jump on this guy, but 
I've got an issue ready to go~

Drew "Category:Superhuman World Natives" Nilium

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