LNH/SW10: Hungry, Hungry Sabretooths #17: I Know Who Could

Scott Eiler seiler at eilertech.com
Wed Oct 21 20:54:23 PDT 2020

Psychovant the Duck reviewed the LNH timeline from afar.  But he'd found 
a place to live already, near Powernauts.  He wasn't going to give up on 
annoying them.

But he said, "I know who could."


Shortly, Psychovant was in the very cold town of Livingston-Montana on 
Earth SW10.  It was one of the last survivable places on this Earth.  It 
was having a Global Cooling Crisis.  Only the smouldering Yellowstone 
Crater kept this place even a little bit warm.

Psychovant promptly found Wyatt Ferguson, who was checking in to work at 
an Amazon warehouse.  Amazon was about the last company operating on 
this Earth.

Psychovant asked, "Where's Imperilus?"

Wyatt responded, "Probably in the back somewhere.  Unloading trucks. 
But you'll need a pass to get through this door."

"&@(! the pass!"  Psychovant disappeared - and reappeared near the trucks.


Imperilus (a.k.a. "Exterminating Son") had a lot of history on his 
Earth.  But he had obviously not made it into any ideal world of 
Powernauts or something.  Now he had to work like anyone else on Earth. 
He didn't mind that.  But he had by then discovered, even with his great 
strength, he needed a palett jack to move bunches of product around.  So 
he was on equal terms with everyone else.

So, he was dragging a palett down a hallway that was too small.  He'd 
already gotten in trouble for wiping out some water dispensers which 
were nowhere near anyone actually worked.

Then Psychovant the Duck appeared.  The duck said, "Wanna go someplace 

"*Anyplace* would be better."

"Okay, how you feel about about the LNH?"

"The *What*??"

"How you feel about superheroes in general, then?"

"Oh, I *hate* them."

"Well, all right!  I know the place for you!  But you might have to deal 
with some sabertooth tigers..."

"I can live with that!"

"Well, alrighty then!"  Psychovant and Imperilus disappeared from the 

They reappeared in a lobby.  The LNH Lobby.

Imperilus promptly grabbed Psychovant by the neck.  "Not so fast!  I 
need my stuff from home!"

"O--kay, I--can--go--get--it..."  The duck disappeared again.

Imperilus looked around the lobby.  Three sabertooth tigers were 
approaching.  So he said...

"Well, all right!!"


Author's Note:  Imperilus is basically a Swedish bruiser, powerful 
enough to fight a Powernaut (as is currently happening in 2008). 

It is my pleasure to write an instant story tonight,  What happens next, 
who knows.

-- (signed) Scott Eiler  8{D> ------ http://www.eilertech.com/ -------

The soldiers presented a pathetic but inspiring spectacle. The
hospitals were crowded with sick and wounded; the walls were
gradually crumbling under incessant shell fire, yet that garrison
of heroes remained undaunted.

It was as Buck said, "just as if they had been Americans."

- from "The Airship Boys in the Great War", De Lysle F. Cass, 1915.
Coming soon to Project Gutenberg.  gutenberg.org

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