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On 10/21/20 1:00 PM, Jeanne Morningstar wrote:
> #ERR_19834_ASKDAFJKADSLF [17?]: "Plot Lost"
> A tale of [FILE NOT FOUND] by Jeanne Morningstar

Oh, I already love this :3

> Between the intense 
> complications of the timeline and the fact that the cascade's two most prolific 
> Writers had gone from warp speed to Ludicrous Speed, this was not easy.

:D :D :D

> There 
> had, for a brief moment, been two Issue 14s. Masterplan Lad was able to resolve 
> that quickly, but only after the second one had been posted, and this issue had 
> come dangerously close to being numbered 16.

X3 <3

> He was holding his Plot Device (a cosmically powerful artifact in the form of an 
> umbrella) thrust up into the air, grimacing cosmically, collecting the cascading 
> narrative energies like a lightning rod.

oooooh, ahhhhhh

> Right now, it seemed like the story had moved into the phase where there was a 
> battle involving members of involving the LNH and the two Brotherhoods. But that 
> couldn't happen until Dr. Stomper had developed a cure. But would that even be 
> resolved until this storyline was over? Did this even fit into the way the 
> cascade's plot was going to develop? Where on the timeline did this even take 
> place?

@-@ Welp

> Right now, power-armored kiwis were fighting it out with sabertooths 
> and--because Captain Continuity was also struggling on his end--dinosaurs. 


> Deathspork was fighting it out with Plotchopper, of the West Coast Brotherhood, 
> while Token Girl was battling Plotchopper, of the East Coast Brotherhood. And 
> there it was, the single biggest plot error in the whole storyline: having 
> Plotchopper simultaneously be part of both Brotherhoods.


> Unfortunately, Masterplan Lad himself was having to exist in two places at once. 

I'm reminded of the period where Wally was on both the JLA and the Justice 
League Elite and ran at super-speed back and forth between two sides of the 
battle, changing costumes every time

> He had been drawn into two different plot threads that had just kept going and 
> there was no real way to reconcile them. He was standing on the margins of this 
> battle, struggling to hold the narrative together. He was also, simultaneously, 
> helping his friends fight their own pitched battle in Net.Hell. [Liminals 
> #8--Footnote girl]


> "Are we really putting in references to issues that aren't out yet? *Really?*"
> [Well, those issues are partially written, so there's that, I suppose--Footnote 
> Girl]


> Plotchopper was a longstanding net.villain, a member of the original 
> Brotherhood. No one knew who he was originally. He had ritually sacrificed his 
> backstory to gain his power.

Ohhhhhh that's really good.

> His weapon, the Plot-Axe, allowed him to cut the 
> strands of stories. It was forged from the teeth of the Shaggy Dogs of Glak 
> Island, creatures that fed on narrative.


> He embodied everything Masterplan Lad 
> had been raised to fight as part of the Knights Temporal, and even though he'd 
> abandoned their teachings long ago, some of that still stuck with him.

Shades of Catholicism!

> He felt the narrative threads in his hands and tried to twist them in a 
> direction that made sense. Maybe there was a time distortion; maybe he had a 
> secret sibling and there were actually two of them like when Lady Mastermind was 
> in different stories simultaneously in X-Men.


> The two Plotchoppers stopped what they were doing and turned around. Now there 
> was only one Plotchopper, but he was looking straight at Masterplan Lad. He 
> charged in and swung his axe.

Uh-oh >:D

> Masterplan Lad did his best to parry the axe with his Plot Device, charging it 
> with narrative power. He furiously fenced with him, thrusting and parrying and 
> dodging and weaving from the heavy strokes of the Plot-Axe, even as he was also 
> battling in Net.Hell in another issue.
> Something had to give.
> The Plot-Axe swung in at Masterplan Lad's Plot Device and shattered it to pieces.


> This was one of the handful of things I knew from the beginning were going to go 
> into the battle between the two Brotherhoods. I'm amazed I'm actually playing 
> off some of my longterm ideas now.

Love it, love it :3

Drew "gosh that's fun" Nilium

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