LNH: Hungry, Hungry Sabertooths! #12: "Cheesy Self-Care Advice"

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Tue Oct 20 07:46:41 PDT 2020

On 10/20/20 2:23 AM, Drew Nilium wrote:

 > As he had for the past month, Cheesecake-Eater Lad was working from home.
Well that's relatable.

a>fter he'd teamed up with House Representative
 > Commie-in-
 > a-Metal-Suit to convince Congress to move that money into funding 
 > broadband access instead.
Oh interesting.

His cosmic wrist bands could generate
 > nearly-unlimited
 > quantities of dairy, shunted straight from the domain of Bessie-18,
 > god-queen
 > of the Galactose Quadrant, in reward for his services.
I think this was an SCP too.

 > Tho he supposed that origin might change once the rest of Retcon Year
 > came out.
At that point I think he's operating as a smaller-scale "self made hero" 
type and the cosmic wristbands would be something he gets when the LNH 
gets bigger and cosmic-er over time. But, having him get that at a 
pivotal moment could be a nice dramatic beat. hmmm...

 > He spent a lot of the downtime part of his cycle with his
 > family,
 > playing games, watching TV, conversing and/or snuggling; but he also
 > spent a
 > fair amount of time staying connected to the LNH. Some contacts were more
 > professional; he kept up with Fearless Leader and Catalyst Lass on the
 > status
 > of the LNH and the situation as a whole. Some were more social; he'd been
 > trying to reconnect to Parking Karma Kid, wReamhack and Cannon Fodder,
 > not to
 > bring back the old days, but to find the core of the friends who'd made
 > him so
 > happy before in who they were now.
This is some Extremely Good relationship building. *makes a note to 
emphasize those relationships when they get back to RY*

 > But there was one LNHer who, because of her situation, couldn't *really*
 > connect
 > to almost anyone, and that was, in part, his fault and his
 > responsibility. So
 > he sat down and pulled down his laptop and connected to the Ultimate
 > Ninja's
 > office.


 > She sighs. "I've
 > taken
 > to organizing the... paper clip collection my uncle apparently had...?"

 > Dr. Stomper says this virus was designed by someone. And my ninja
 > senses
 > are telling me... it's not about us. Whoever designed this wasn't 
trying to
 > attack the LNH - it's too broad, too messy." She took a deep breath, and
 > that
 > presence dropped from her face, replaced by deep weariness. "They're
 > using us,
 > using everybody who's been infected by the virus, to fight, or get the
 > attention
 > of, a third party." She slammed her fist on the desk. "We're locked 
up and
 > suffering and we're just *pawns*."
I'd been thinking about how interesting it is now that Ultimate Ninja 
and Dr. Killfile had both been replaced by second-generation characters 
created by Tom Russell. There's a natural opposition there and there's 
some good ground for long-term archenemyship being laid here.

 > "Very welcome." He smiled. "The thing is... this isn't the first time
 > I've been
 > caught between big, opposing forces that didn't care particularly about
 > me. Or
 > even the fifth."
 > Hee.

 > Nina nodded, waiting to see where he was going with this.
 > "It's always hard, but the secret to getting thru it is just..." Here
 > goes...
 > "Taking care of ourselves and taking care of each other."
Aww good. I love the sincerity here and it's very in character for CEL.

 >But we can't just wait to be happy, or even just not miserable,
 > until then.
 > So we have to figure out, as best we can, what'll make us happy *in this
 > situation*, and do it. You know?"
Yes indeed.
 > Author's Notes: House Representative Commie-in-a-Metal-Suit is a
 > Looniversal
 > equivalent to the likes of Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez - a progressive
 > firebrand.
 > I'm hoping to get more into her backstory later.
Very good. (I feel like there are a lot of political debates about the 
effectiveness of what she does in the Morlock-y anarchist continuities 
we set up.)

Anyway this was a great issue, very sweet and also set up some nice long 
term relationship dynamics, and it's just what I needed to read when I'm 
about to get in line to vote. (My state does not allow vote by mail, sigh.)

Jeanne Morningstar

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