LNH: Hungry, Hungry Sabertooths! #13 "Guess, I have to create another Looniverse.."

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Mon Oct 19 21:35:25 PDT 2020

On 10/19/20 10:14 PM, Arthur Spitzer wrote:

>                     Hungry, Hungry Sabertooths! #13
>               "Guess, I have to create another Looniverse.."
> Meanwhile on Earth-Combover...

Oh, good solution. :3 This is one cascade where an unlucky 13 is very appropriate.

> Hmm, thought the gross, hideous orange-faced blob creature (that even had a way, way
> uglier soul -- if you could believe that)

Your heart is full of unwashed socks, your soul is full of gunk!

> But before President Comboverthing could put any more thought into that feeling some
> strange lady riding a gigantic sabertooth tiger strode into the Oval Office. 

This is always what I want to see. :D

> "Relax," said the woman with a very disgusted look on her face, "This is a hologram."

Awwww. Oh well.

> "No.  It is nothing at all like a stripper gram.  I am an illusion created by the
> LNH's tech.  I am not here.  And neither is this sabertooth tiger.  And why am I
> riding this sabretooth tiger?  I haven't a clue -- I guess the writer thought it
> would be hilarious for some reason.

I mean, it is pretty appealing, in a "heck yeah strong ladies" way

> But none of that is important.  I am here to
> give you some important information.  My name is Fourth Wall Lass."

Ooooooh, nice.

> "What the fuck is a fourth wall?"
> "No.  I am not going to bother explaining that to you since that would probably be a
> very huge waste of time for both you and me.


> What I am here to explain to you is
> that the Cosmic Powers being very sick and tired of you have decided to exorcise you
> and your toxic presence from the main Looniverse..."

Legit X3

> But, alas, the
> only way they could do that was by creating another split reality.  A divergent
> bubble reality that is many ways just like the main Looniverse, but just with the
> difference that you and all the horrors that you have wrought are still in it.  And
> unfortunately a divergent Loonivearth population, like myself, that has to exist in
> it now too."

Hmmmmm, fairfair
> -- the alien being that had attached itself to his skull many years ago and had
> become absorbed by the toxic narcissistic sludge that flowed through him, "I am the
> Comboverthing.  I am connected magically to the higher reality!  My fate is tied to
> that higher reality version of myself's fate!!!  You LNH'rs are powerless to stop
> me!!!  FAKE NEWS!!!!!!!"
> "Yes, that is true.  We are helpless to stop you.  And that is why the Cosmic Powers
> had to create this bubble-verse where you could keep being horrible and horrible
> without any consequences -- at least for now. 

Oh, yeah, that narratively makes a lot of sen--

> And because Arthur Spitzer already
> wrote the second issue of that Pumpkin the Halloween Miracle Parakeet mini back in
> September -- and didn't have any desire to rewrite it.

X3 Also valid!!! <3

> "Maybe.  The polls don't look good for you, but then again -- they also didn't look
> good in 2016.  Yeah, there's the Electoral College -- Voter Suppression -- Voter
> Apathy -- You'll cheat -- you'll sue -- try to get state legislators to over turn the
> popular vote.  You're going to try everything.  And maybe you'll succeed.  Hopefully,
> you won't -- hopefully everyone is as sick of you as I am.  Hopefully."

I think so. I hope so. @-@

> Just vote.  And if not to save American Democracy -- then at the very least to stop
> all those Non-American LNH Writers from being all smug about America becoming some
> crappy Third World country.   Do it to stop their insufferable smugness.


> Writer's Note:  Yeah, I wrote this because I already wrote that Pumpkin issue and
> don't have any desire to rewrite it.  And I'm sure I'm probably preaching to the
> choir with this -- but maybe if you're still unsure of whether you should vote --
> maybe this will change your mind.  End Non-American LNH Writer smugness.  Just end
> it!

Heeheehee, indeed

> Hopefully Earth Combover will totally disappear after all of the ballots are counted.

Woo @- at v

Drew "destructo beam!" Nilium

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