LNH: Hungry, Hungrey Sabertooths! #10: Plot Chopped and Screwed

Drew Nilium pwerdna at gmail.com
Sun Oct 18 23:05:54 PDT 2020

On 10/18/20 11:44 PM, Jeanne Morningstar wrote:
> Masterplan Lad wiped his forehead as he examined the LNH timeline and
> the tangled threads of narrative that wound around him. There was a
> crossover going on, and he was the one who had to make sure it made
> sense.

Extremely relatable.

> Normally, Masterplan Lad would have the aid of Captain Continuity, who
> was used to crossover duty. But Captain Continuity had gone back into
> the past to reconcile a discrepancy between contradictory stories about
> how the dinosaurs died.

It turns out they were sent into an alternate universe where they're ruled by 
Dennis Hopper.

> The sheer number of plot threads and side stories meant that the
> structure of the crossover was already under strain. For example, this
> issue clearly took place during Liminals #4, when Masterplan Lad was
> checking the LNH Timeline, and that issue took place shortly before the
> end of issue 8, which meant that Issue 10  most likely took place before
> issue 9.

Ohhhhh hmmm yes *adds that to the wiki* Thank you MPL~

> The real problem, though, would be if the narrative complicated so much
> and moved so quickly that the Writers forgot which character was in
> which plot thread, which would mean that someone could end up being in
> two places at once. This would be Very Bad, for any number of reasons.
> ====
> In the swank headquarters of the West Coast Brotherhood, Plotchopper
> sharpened his axe and prepared to join the battle.
> And in the abandoned shopping hall headquarters of the East Coast
> Brotherhood, Plotchopper sharpened his axe and prepared to join the battle.

:D Yessssssssss <3

> Putting Plotchopper in the East Coast Brotherhood when he'd already been
> in the West was probably the biggest plot error I ever made, but it fit
> the character weirdly well.

It does! :D

Drew "looking forward to this" Nilium

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