LNH: Hungry, Hungrey Sabertooths! #10: Plot Chopped and Screwed

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Sun Oct 18 20:44:09 PDT 2020

#10: "Plot Chopped and Screwed"
A very short tale of Classic LNH continuity, by Jeanne Morningstar

Masterplan Lad wiped his forehead as he examined the LNH timeline and 
the tangled threads of narrative that wound around him. There was a 
crossover going on, and he was the one who had to make sure it made 
sense. In grand cosmic terms, this responsibility fell to Editing of the 
Finishless, but ey preferred not to manifest directly whenever possible, 
delegating responsibility to various emissaries and heralds, including 
the Knights Temporal, Masterplan Lad's old order, before it was destroyed.

Normally, Masterplan Lad would have the aid of Captain Continuity, who 
was used to crossover duty. But Captain Continuity had gone back into 
the past to reconcile a discrepancy between contradictory stories about 
how the dinosaurs died.

The sheer number of plot threads and side stories meant that the 
structure of the crossover was already under strain. For example, this 
issue clearly took place during Liminals #4, when Masterplan Lad was 
checking the LNH Timeline, and that issue took place shortly before the 
end of issue 8, which meant that Issue 10  most likely took place before 
issue 9. This also meant he had to balance his role in the "Core LNH" 
portion of this storyline this storyline with his role in his home 
series, where he was undergoing significant plot and character development.

The real problem, though, would be if the narrative complicated so much 
and moved so quickly that the Writers forgot which character was in 
which plot thread, which would mean that someone could end up being in 
two places at once. This would be Very Bad, for any number of reasons.


In the swank headquarters of the West Coast Brotherhood, Plotchopper 
sharpened his axe and prepared to join the battle.

And in the abandoned shopping hall headquarters of the East Coast 
Brotherhood, Plotchopper sharpened his axe and prepared to join the battle.



Putting Plotchopper in the East Coast Brotherhood when he'd already been 
in the West was probably the biggest plot error I ever made, but it fit 
the character weirdly well. So here we are.


Masterplan Lad: Jeanne Morningstar
Captain Continuity: Mystic Mongoose
Plotchopper: Jeff "Drizzt" Barnes

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