LNH20: Writer's Block Person #47: "A Very Meta Morphosis"

Jeanne Morningstar mrfantastic7 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 16 08:16:11 PDT 2020

On 10/16/20 3:15 AM, Drew Nilium wrote:
> The door slammed and Library Lad leapt into the apartment. "Writer's Block
> Person, come quick! There's a new set of bad guys that are a parody of 
> Kamen
> Rider Saber and you need to stop them!"

Kamen Rider Saber? That was the one who was King Arthur, right? *ducks*

> "No it's the opposite of that." Writer's Block Person closed their 
> laptop and
> put it to the side. "I think... when I added long-term plot arcs to this 
> series,
> it helped me express a lot of things, and also helped me learn to actually
> complete such arcs. But at this point, the personal stuff I want to express
> doesn't really mesh with the structure of big adventure plots, and the 
> big plots
> I want to do could use someone who isn't so literally a representation of
> Writer-me."

That's very good and very relatable (and one of the big advantages of 
LNH is being able to deal with this kind of problem in story terms). I 
think one thing we've both been struggling with is how to fit our ideas 
into more flexible structures.

> Library Lad stuck out his tongue. "You know, if you're not gonna let me 
> say my
> own dialog, I *could* be off watching the new Carmen Sandiego."

Thinking about Carmen Sandiego reminds me, Nina should really have a 
rival/girlfriend who's a master thief of some kind. She seems that kind 
of character.

> "Yeah. But I think I've got the perfect solution for that, which is--"
> "--introducing some new characters?" Library Lad giggled. "Gotcha back~"


(And they're all you, and they're all adorable.)

> The door slammed open, and in danced a ravishing, rockin' figure, with 
> big black
> bat wings, a gothy dress, big stompy boots, dark brown fur with a rust-red
> collar, and an *amazing* booty. "Hiiiiii nerds, I'm finally here!" She 
> snapped
> her fingers and pointed double fingerguns at them. "Ginger Jackson, at your
> service!"

I immediately love her.

> "I mean," said Writer's Block Person, "we can totally have some dimensional
> immigrants or such..."

That's more of a Classic thing really, the LNH20 universe is much more 
self-contained (so far).

> "Burst Beetle..." She
> poses, one arm cocked back in a fist, the other a splayed hand high in 
> the air!
> "Flash!"

I love that you're introducing all these variations of this concept.

> Ginger grabbed and squeezed her close, and Swatii squeaked as she was 
> squished
> by the armor. Ginger oop'd and pressed a button on her belt, 
> de-transforming,
> then re-hugged. "And we're roommates!"


> She's an original species, right, not a Ho--"
> "I'm a Bulbling, yeah!" said Swatii, wriggling out of Ginger's arms in 
> her haste
> to interrupt them. 

I see you trying to introduce Homestuck in here, you SINNER.

"Or if you want to be formal, a member of what was
> once known
> as the Perennial Empire. ...please don't call it that, tho, that's what 
> lesser
> jerks and greater assholes call it."

Ah, getting into some worldbuilding, nice.

> ""So you're going to transfer your ongoing
> adventure plots to them?"
> "Right," said WBP. "Not that I won't do any more adventure-y stuff, 
> like, that
> one about the Battly Fight was good. But I want to focus more on the 
> feels-y
> meta slice-of-life stuff."

That makes a lot of sense. WBP is basically a 2000s-style webcomic

> ----
> Author's Note: I'm not sure if I'm going to be giving Ginger and Swatii 
> their
> own series or what, but look for them in the near future either way!
> Drew "just to clarify, nobody thwacks anyone in the butt with a broom in 
> Kamen
> Rider Saber" Nilium

Good to know.

Jeanne Morningstar

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